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Let’s Talk About YOU

Feeling stuck in your business? Maybe you know you can be doing something different but you just aren’t sure what? We’ve all been there, and sometimes, all you need is a new set of eyes. When those eyes belong to the team at Mugsy PR – you’re in good hands.

We have new programs, workshops and consultation programs designed for everyone from local performers to national corporations. If you see something you’re interested in – just email us and we can set it up for you so you can break out of your box and learn how to take your personal brand of business publicity to the next level.  Our brochure is below but if you can’t see the image, or you want to discuss more details, just email us at info@mugsypr.com.

When Talking Turkey Pays Off

There has been a lot of media lately about the stores that are closing for Thanksgiving and even Black Friday this year. I love that families will have more time together, but one can’t help but wonder if it is a genuine, from-the-heart movement from these retailers, or if they want the publicity behind the sentiment. Either way they are getting buzz, which is sure to convert to some strong holiday sales. Below are 5 of our favorite Thanksgiving time marketing / PR campaigns from the last few years. Can’t wait to see what else pops up this year as we draw closer to Turkey Day!

1. In 2012 Pinterest, Allrecipes and Better Homes & Gardens teamed up for the “Best Thanksgiving Ever”. Participants could win $5,000 if they posted five or more Thanksgiving recipes from Allrecipes or BH&G to their own “Best Thanksgiving Ever” board on Pinterest. Not only did the campaign drive traffic to all sponsoring websites, but it put Allrecipes on the map as a top recipe site.

2. 2013 brought us the “Turkey Bowl”, a Thanksgiving campaign from Nike that used the SessionM mobile app network to award users points for in-app interactions that could be redeemed for gift cards. When customers used their points, the Nike Turkey Bowl ads would pop up creating a full circle campaign.

3. With only a few days in between the holidays this year, it was a brilliant idea for Manischewitz (Kosher food store) to merge Hanukkah and Thanksgiving to create their own “Thanksgivukah”. With an entire website dedicated to the “holiday”, funny videos, recipes, ecards and more, the social media exposure for the brand has been HUGE.

4. True Turkey Talk is the name of the game with the Butterball Turkey-Talk-Line. For 29 years now Butterball has run a hotline in November and December to encourage consumers to call 1-800-Butterball (and in more recent years to visit Butterball on the Go) to ask their turkey related questions.

5. Finally, we can’t talk about Thanksgiving marketing without talking about Macy’s. The parade is marketing brilliance in itself, but the engaging website and social media they created to go along with it is nothing short but amazing. With a countdown to the parade, a ton of useful into and even uniquely created games, the site adds an extra level of engagement to the Thanksgiving Tradition.


 What is YOUR favorite Thanksgiving campaign?

Mugsy on the Move: Travel Time!

We are so excited to be heading to Atlanta at the end of this week for the PR Related PR Summit. We will be on the panel speaking about “Social Media: Does it Hurt or Help in PR”. We think social media is incredibly important for PR, we use it daily for pitching, connecting and relating to the media and public we work with on behalf of our clients. What do you think? We would love to hear what some of our communications friends think before we head to the conference!



Fill In The Blank: A Few Favorite Things

Sometimes what is on the “Mind of Mugsy” is YOU. We want to know what you like, listen to, enjoy doing and all of that good stuff. Yeah, yeah, don’t get a big head about it 😉 – just fill in the blanks in your comments below and let us know what’s on your mind!

The one blog (except Mugsy PR’s of course!) that I read every day is ______________________

I absolutely never miss a podcast from __________________

The first social media site I check every morning is ______________________

I will click on any article that mentions ___________________

I wish more people would include topics like ___________________ in their social media, blog, vlog or podcast content.

Social Media Sensitivity

Over the last two and a half years, we have had several moments where we needed to reflect upon what to post on social media based on the sensitivity of a current event or even a personal issue. Sometimes it is a matter of what to share or not to share (the death of a pet or an illness in our family) and sometimes it is how to share it (a perfect example was how to honor the two reporters who were killed in Roanoke on air this week).

We have also had our share of clients that covered delicate topics from mental health professionals to divorce attorneys to a luxury lifestyle cannabis blog, our copy writers and content creators go the extra mile to make sure that the information put out is interesting, relevant and appropriate while remaining sensitive to the topic. Our most recent client addition is an independent film that goes inside the LAPD homicide department and their connection with the families and organizations in the community to help solve murders in LA county. While one might think this would have a lot of easy content, we are spreading a message of healing and anti violence awareness and this is not an easy task. It would be a lot easier to spread more stories of crime and violence to up the numbers, but we as online marketers appreciate a good challenge!

Our top three tips to writing sensitive content?

1. Revise: Write your initial thoughts and then revise it. Your first post draft might be emotional or insensitive based on the topic material and your relationship to it. A revision or two is never a bad idea to make sure the brand is making a statement, not a rant.

2. Review: Read whatever you write over again before you post. Get a second opinion. We know social media is fast and you sometimes post as a reaction, but it is better for a company to be a minute later than to have to draft a formal apology in 140 characters in the end.

3. Reach Out: Instead of writing your own content, reach out to others to share theirs. When dealing with something like death, illness, divorce, etc – other’s stories can speak the words your brand can’t.

What would you add to the list?


High Flying to Crazy Sleep: Top Five of the Day

It has been a long Monday and a busy day. We needed a brain break, so instead of hard hitting, real news – here is my gift to you – everything I am distracting the Mugsy office with today.

1. Getting High. Forget flying IN a plane, now you can walk on top of an airplane in flight with the Breitling wing-walking team in England.

2. We know Leia owns a bikini…Awesome artist renditions of Star Wars characters on vacation. 

3. Feel the Beat. Male dancer killed it at the Miami Heat auditions this weekend!

4. Hello Boobies. NY is going topless and the reason is important. Read more. 

5. Sleepy or Crazy? Can a yawn determine if you are a psychopath?


Atlanta here we come!

Very excited to announce that we have been asked to speak on social media’s impact on public relations at the 2015 PR Related PR Summit on October 10th. So many of our client events take us to the west coast and we are excited to be hitting GA again. We haven’t been back in a couple of years!

Comment below if you’ll be at the Summit – we would love to meet you! And let me know if you need a coffee recommendation. We found a place that was so good I have been thinking of it since the last time we were there!