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The News Blues

No one ever said that working in PR was going to be easy. As a matter of fact, it has been listed as one of the most stressful jobs to have. We live on no sleep, consistent pressure to produce for our clients, and a ton of coffee (or in Sarah’s case, water and tea!).

I of course knew that part of working in PR was keeping up on the news – in print, on tv and on the radio, online, etc. The part I did not see coming was how incredibly depressing the news was going to become.

Don’t get me wrong, it has ALWAYS been a lot of car accidents, crime, depressing world news, sad local stories, and so on, but it feels like day after day, week after week the news is getting harder to hear.  On shows that used to feature celebrity news and cooking segments and fashion, there are now hard news segments, politics slinking into the segments and more.

The flip side to technology and of-the-moment broadcasting is that we know so much. And if knowing is half the battle, the other half is forgetting.

This morning I woke up and  I just couldn’t do it. I had the news blues. Instead of turning on I went outside, I talked to neighbors, I had a cup of coffee looking at the clouds instead of my phone, and I didn’t follow a single thing that was going on.

I just now logged on at 1:30pm and there is an active shooter in Dallas at North Lake College. There are coal workers trapped in a mine in Iran. And more people care that you could see Kendall Jenner’s bare butt cheeks at the Met Gala.

What do you do when you get the “News Blues”? How do you shake the funk when your job is to know what is going on in the world, and to create MORE stories to add to it? I love my job, but we could all use some advice now and then, and I need to know – how do you keep your happy?

Pope and Puppy Trains – It has been a good week.

The world has been spinning with politics, a new Pope with new ideas, and a lot of worldly controversy, and yet, #AngryBirds has a movie coming out, so guess what’s been trending on social media…

What else has the world deemed “important” news this week?

Well…Men have started learning how to braid. Yay? Smells Like Teen Spirit beat out John Lennon’s Imagine as the most iconic song of all time according to science (um…Really?!), and Kate Hudson’s company JustFab is in big trouble.

‘Girl power’ toys are having a big week which is pretty cool. The Barbie fishing pole helped this father/daughter team reel in a big one (so cute!) and Lammily dolls (known as ‘Normal Barbie’) now comes with maxi pads.

In general it has been a long week and to be honest, we just want to be this guy for a moment, chilling out and driving the puppy train.

dog train







High Flying to Crazy Sleep: Top Five of the Day

It has been a long Monday and a busy day. We needed a brain break, so instead of hard hitting, real news – here is my gift to you – everything I am distracting the Mugsy office with today.

1. Getting High. Forget flying IN a plane, now you can walk on top of an airplane in flight with the Breitling wing-walking team in England.

2. We know Leia owns a bikini…Awesome artist renditions of Star Wars characters on vacation. 

3. Feel the Beat. Male dancer killed it at the Miami Heat auditions this weekend!

4. Hello Boobies. NY is going topless and the reason is important. Read more. 

5. Sleepy or Crazy? Can a yawn determine if you are a psychopath?


What the What?! The Top Five of the Week

What a sad, weird week it has been and it is only Wednesday. We started the week with the sad news about Hitchbot, the hitchhiking robot who was destroyed two weeks into his US trek and ended today with a discussion about Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog’s break-up after 40 years (marketing ploy for the new show?), so below are some of the stories that made us smile so far this week, because goodness knows we needed it!

1. IS ManKind? Airbnb hired a new Global Marketing Director and came out with the amazing “Is ManKind?” campaign. Though it was created with positive intentions, reviews are mixed and a lot of people find it downright creepy. Check it out on their website and then read Business Insider’s review for the hilarious reactions on Twitter.

2. What the…What?!? No one was injured so it is perfectly acceptable to laugh about the fact that traffic in Ireland was held up this week when a Minion (Despicable Me) created havoc. Ok, it was a 30ft+ inflatable balloon of a Minion, but the media headlines were smile worthy.

3. NSFW but Worth It. I love me some superheroes and Deadpool is one of the best, so my hump day was made when I saw the official trailer for the film…particularly the NSFW version.

4. Free the Bacon. After watching the NSFW trailer we got into quite the discussion yesterday about male nudity because Kevin Bacon came out with his perfect “Free the Bacon” campaign, calling for more male nudity in Hollywood films and TV shows. Parody or not, it is a great call for more equality.

5. Feel the Burn. And finally, in news everyone was waiting for (we like it spicy here at Mugsy!) – hot sauce may help save your life. Eat up!

Top Five: A New Earth, A New Shoe, A New Tree – and a lot of Tequila

Wow this has been a hell of a week. From a tragic movie theater shooting in Lafayette to leprosy infected armadillos in Florida, the Mugsy minds have been buzzing. Where to even begin today? Below are just five of the many, many things we have been chatting about. Don’t forget to comment below and tell us what is on YOUR mind too!

1. I Shall Call It Earth 2. A new planet similar to Earth was found by NASA in the Milky Way. They think it could be a habitable “cousin planet” to Earth. Let the space travel begin!

2. New All-Stars. After 98 years of success with their style, Converse has come out with their first new sneaker design. The only sneakers I own are All Stars so this is pretty exciting. What do you think?

3. The Most Fruitful of All. Syracuse Professor and local artist Sam Van Aken has designed a tree that is a hybrid, able to bear 40 different types of fruit. The video is amazing. Check it out!

4. Tequila Time! Tequila is the Mugsy PR drink of choice and today is #NationalTequilaDay! Enjoy your drinks (responsibly) and don’t forget to drunk comment! Way better than drunk texting, and we love to hear from you!

5. Is There A Singing Spell? Daniel Radcliffe at karaoke singing Eminem’s “Slim Shady” with his girlfriend. Is there anything better than Harry Potter rapping? I think not. We have a funny feeling there may have been some tequila involved here too…lol.

Top Five of the Week: Lots of Pop

Maybe because we have been working on PR for a new film, but I am all about pop culture news this week. So, in honor, here are the top pop stories on my mind today.

1. And the winner is…Emmy Nominations are in! Game of Thrones, Grace & Frankie, Orange is the New Black – Did you favorites make the list? Who are you hoping will take home a trophy?

2. #TrumpYourCat. Do you have a cat? Have you Trumped your cat yet? Gotta love the Internet. Trump deserves it, and this is just darn funny. It makes me laugh. Hard.

3. You Go, Girl. Caitlyn Jenner was stunning last night in a Versace gown and gave a beautiful, touching speech in acceptance of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the Espys. Congratulations, Caitlyn!

4. Three is the Loneliest Number. No one likes being a third wheel. Unless it makes you Instagram famous, which is exactly what happened to this “third wheel” who made the most of the situation. Too funny!

5. Play On. This is a really great list of 18 Cool Things To Do With Google. You can play Atari games. Let’s start with that. Beyond games, Google now has specific sections to help you plan a wedding, translate foreign characters, and a hell of a lot more that I never knew about. Check it out!

Top Five: Robots, Revamps and Cuban Pete

Hello Muggers! We are having quite the week here at Mugsy. Busier than expected and heading into a birthday weekend so I will keep this short and sweet today. Here are my top five stories in the news this week. Not the most important news – but the stuff that has tickled MY fancy. How about yours?

1. Facebook Feminism. Did you ever notice that the old icon to denote friend requests on Facebook was a silhouette of a man, in front of a woman, with the woman set back behind him? I didn’t either, but apparently others did and things changed today. The icon was redesigned to have the woman and man more in-line with one another denoting gender equality. Pretty cool!

2. Well, this Uber sucks…I fell in love with Uber in L.A. I have used it across the country. And today I am sad as new Broward County laws have passed making Uber unable to continue in Broward County as of July 31st. I actually agree with the new laws for the most part, enhanced regulations on fingerprinting and background checks for Uber drivers and such, I mean – I want to be as safe as I can be when getting into a stranger’s car, but I also really like using Uber! Neither side is budging yet, but here’s hoping!

3. Robot Fight! Japan has a super large, giant robot. America has a super large giant robot. The logical outcome of this? ROBOT DUEL! And indeed it shall be done. American robotics company MegaBots issued a robot fight challenge against Japan based Suidobashi, and they accepted. Seriously – we will get to see giant robots go head-to-head. Don’t miss it! 

4. #DontJudge. Over 100,000 posts on Instagram and Twitter have been popping up with the hashtag #DontJudgeChallenge (or as it was trending on Twitter – misspelled as #DontJudgeChallange) as part of a new teen trend. The trend is to look as ugly as possible using makeup (smeared lipstick, drawn on unibrows and fake acne). Though safer than the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the hashtag which was supposed to promote confidence but has backfired. Read more here!

5. Chick Chicky Boom. This kid. Talk about the poster child for ‘dance like no one (or like everyone!) is watching’. His confidence is everything. Enjoy this gloriously awesome video of Guillermo’s rendition of Jim Carey’s dance in The Mask to “Cuban Pete”. His grandma uploaded it to YouTube. It doesn’t get better than this.



Top Five Topics of the Week

I’m sure I am stating the obvious for our regular readers, but the Mugsy blog was down for a couple of days. My, oh, my did that free up some time in the Mugsy office…and fill up some space in my brain. There have been a lot of ‘Top Five’ topics we haven’t been able to talk about just piling up in there! There was everything from cute science discoveries to shootings, deaths of celebrities and confederate flag controversy to adorable babies in x-ray machines and more. Some of my personal moments are below, but those are five of millions, so I know there are lots I missed! What was your favorite news story or viral video from the last week?

In Things That Happened This Week….

1. The AP Made Me LOL. What do Rick Astley, a BLT and craft beer have in common? They are all mentioned in the new AP Stylebook changes. While I appreciate the AP keeping media (and PR and marketing reps and more) in the loop, I have to admit that their acknowledgement of Rickrolling made me giggle!

2. Said Awwww Over an Octopus. The world’s most adorable little octopus was found this week. Stephanie Bush has been working to classify a deep-sea cephalopod that is currently unnamed. Top name contender right now? Adorabilis. Totally fitting!

3. Social Media Decided To Switch It Up Again. Changes abound in social media this week with Facebook giving more control of what you see in the news feed back to the user, Instagram offering trends and place searches, and so much more. We try to keep track of it all on the Mugsy Facebook page, so visit us there too!

4. I Angrily Learned About Meninism. The fact that this is a thing, that the fake Twitter account is supposed to be a joke and the fact that there are real women supporting all of this blows my mind. But I leave you to read all about it and form your own opinions.

And finally…

5. I Learned of the Potential Horrors of Tight Pants. An Australian woman almost had to have her legs amputated and has collateral nerve damage because her skinny jeans were so tight they cut off circulation to her legs. Scary stuff!