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Hurricane Season is Here – Is Your Office Ready?

Hurricane Season is Here – Is Your Office Ready?

It is hurricane season and while we all stock up our homes here in South Florida, are you thinking about the needs of your office?

Step #1 is to set up your emergency plan. What happens during a hurricane watch or a warning. Do your employees know if they should come into work or stay home? How will they find out updates? What if the power goes out? Plan for EVERYTHING.

Step #2 – Back-Up, Back-up, and Back-Up Again. Every file, every client website, every post-it note on your computer screen – back it up. You never know what may happen, but as long as you use a strong back-up program, ANYTHING can happen and it will be o.k. We use Carbonite and has been a life-saver twice already!

Step #3 is to ensure you have all your insurance documents in order in case anything does happen. Not just your main business insurance, but also any warranty or important documentation to your major (and minor!) office equipment as well. Bet you’re loving those organized office admins now, aren’t ya. ūüėČ Don’t forget to get a waterproof case for ALL your important docs and store them somewhere high and dry.

Finally Step #4 – Get Handy. You know there are things in your physical office space you’ve been neglecting. Since you didn’t do things months ago, now really is the time to patch the roof and windows, check security and flood lighting, test that your generator is working and make sure the office has flashlights, a first-aid kit, a battery operated radio or TV (with batteries!!) and food/water for any staff¬†as required.


Fab Five of the Week: From Smelly Cats to Bears in Pools

Check out some of my favorite (and least favorite) things going on this week!


1. Smelly Cat is Back!¬†If you don’t know me that well, you don’t know that I’m a HUGE¬†Friends¬†fan. Who doesn’t love when Phoebe Buffay sings the ever-popular song of “Smelly Cat.” Almost all of my favorite episodes of¬†Friends¬†include something about that song! Recently, Taylor Swift teamed up with Pheobe (Lisa Kudrow) and sang the song together. Talk about the best thing ever!


2. The Imminence of Erika:¬†Yes…Mugsy PR is based in South Florida. And yes…we have a TON of experience with hurricanes. However,¬†we haven’t experienced one in over 6 or 7 years. Wilma was the last major storm that had our lights out for over 2-3 weeks (depending on where you lived) and then there was the summer of Gene, Francis and Charlie.¬†While Emily and I have the knowledge of hurricanes, this would be the first one since we have property, families, pets, etc. In the past, we just went to a family member’s home and “hunkered” down with them. Now,¬†it’s our turn to take¬†care of our own families, friends and pets and we want to be sure we’re prepared. Hopefully we’re more prepared than necessary!






3. Wifi Blues:¬†Yesterday was a curious day. We brown outs, a few times power went out and, most importantly, wifi outages everywhere! My personal wifi internet was in and out all day yesterday, last night and this morning. The same was true for Emily at her house, my sister at her house and others I heard from. Keep in mind….we all live 15-30 miles from each other and have different service providers! I don’t know if the crazy weather, imminent hurricane or what was causing this, but it definitely gave my household the blues – especially since we live through wifi (computers, mobile devices, tables, gaming consoles, TV….EVERYTHING!).



4. No!…My Floatie!¬†This is the cutest video to watch if you need an afternoon pick-me-up. Seriously…it’s better than coffee! A mother and child¬†saw a pack of 5 bear cubs playing in their backyard and eventually ending up in their pool. Don’t worry though. Mama bear showed up eventually. While the mother of the home takes video of the bears in the backyard, you can hear her adorable child talking as well. If you need something to brighten your day…this is it!



5. National Dog Day:¬†I know it was yesterday, but the spirit didn’t move me to show a picture of my faithful dog companion Jack. If you don’t know, our 5-yr old Jack has cancer and is going through chemo. One of his appointments was yesterday so he wasn’t home all day. The good news: he’s doing amazing! His weight is back up! He’s got his energy back! And he’s cleaning up any food we drop on the floor! Unfortunately, we lost¬†another pet family member 2 weeks ago. We adopted our cat Gucci¬†10 years ago as an adult so we really don’t know how old she was. We think we gave her a great home and a great companion in Jack…and we hope she thought that too.