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It’s Been One Hell of a News Month

It has been one hell of a news month with a lot of PR disasters, from United Airlines to the U.S. administration, there have been quite a few missteps. We will be posting our PR crisis tips soon, but until then, we simply had to share this cartoon from Marketoonist. We can laugh at it, but there is a better way!



Just one of those days…

Just one of those days…

Today the internet is wonky, the workload is heavy and we have a three day week. Oh, and I should mention I am in the midst of moving and writing this on a laptop balanced on top of a cardboard box. Ah, yes, just another manic Monday. Since this means we don’t have a lot of time to blog today, I shall leave you with this. My top five Monday memes. Enjoy!



monday1 monday2


What the What?! The Top Five of the Week

What the What?! The Top Five of the Week

What a sad, weird week it has been and it is only Wednesday. We started the week with the sad news about Hitchbot, the hitchhiking robot who was destroyed two weeks into his US trek and ended today with a discussion about Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog’s break-up after 40 years (marketing ploy for the new show?), so below are some of the stories that made us smile so far this week, because goodness knows we needed it!

1. IS ManKind? Airbnb hired a new Global Marketing Director and came out with the amazing “Is ManKind?” campaign. Though it was created with positive intentions, reviews are mixed and a lot of people find it downright creepy. Check it out on their website and then read Business Insider’s review for the hilarious reactions on Twitter.

2. What the…What?!? No one was injured so it is perfectly acceptable to laugh about the fact that traffic in Ireland was held up this week when a Minion (Despicable Me) created havoc. Ok, it was a 30ft+ inflatable balloon of a Minion, but the media headlines were smile worthy.

3. NSFW but Worth It. I love me some superheroes and Deadpool is one of the best, so my hump day was made when I saw the official trailer for the film…particularly the NSFW version.

4. Free the Bacon. After watching the NSFW trailer we got into quite the discussion yesterday about male nudity because Kevin Bacon came out with his perfect “Free the Bacon” campaign, calling for more male nudity in Hollywood films and TV shows. Parody or not, it is a great call for more equality.

5. Feel the Burn. And finally, in news everyone was waiting for (we like it spicy here at Mugsy!) – hot sauce may help save your life. Eat up!

It’s My Birthday!

Well….almost. Tomorrow I will be 35 and I am in a celebratory mood. So today you shall be subjected to all of my birthday giddiness in the form of humorous cards and birthday memes. Enjoy the slideshow below and then comment with your favorite birthday pic!

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Top Five: Medicine the Mugsy Way

Top Five: Medicine the Mugsy Way

I have a cold. Not a bad one, but the sniffles. Since I refuse to go to the doctor for a runny nose, I have decided to medicate the Mugsy way – with laughter. Therefore, today I share only those things that have made me laugh and smile this morning. Enjoy!

1. This cracks me up every year without fail. I love May 1st, simply because of this Justin Timberlake / N’Sync meme:


2. My current favorite TB show is Comedy Central’s Broad City, and the new 21/22 Jump Street movies were hysterical, so it was quite exciting to see that two of the Broad City writers are creating a female centered revamp of the Jump Street movies!


3. We have had a few interior design clients at Mugsy, so we spend a lot of time checking out design publications. As much as we love a gorgeous room, we have to admit there is something giggle worthy in a lot of the photos. Particularly when they are presented with incredibly sarcastic and funny captions like they are on Unhappy Hipsters. A MUST READ!


4. This is not funny. This is just cool. Pretty much the coolest real life geeky thing to happen in a while. NASA may have accidentally discovered faster than light travel!


5.  Even though I think it is crazy how much it costs to promote a story on BuzzFeed, I can’t stop reading articles from their site, so a big high five to them for figuring out the content conundrum and banking it. Today they drew me in with an article on the “31 Photos You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee“. Still laughing about these as I write…

grandma caterpillar