In the Mind of Mugsy

Ever wonder what runs through our heads? Your dreams have come true. Every day we will share the top five things we have discussed in the Mugsy office. Welcome to the madness!

Two Years Of Mugsy Madness: Happy Anniversary, Sarah!

The first time I met Sarah (Co-Owner and VP of Mugsy PR) was in 2005 when she started work at Haber & Quinn, the very first PR firm I worked for. The first time we ate lunch together, I laughed […]

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The Fab 5 of the Day: From Cute Koalas to the NBA Playoffs

With so many options of funny videos, cute animals and breaking news stories coming across my computer, I’ve found my top five favorites through all the rest. Which one of my top 5 is your favorite? 1. The Super-Family Feud Check […]

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The Lovely, Gorgeous, Intelligence Of It All…

We talk a lot at Mugsy. Pitching, networking, sharing news, funny videos, adorable hedgehog birthday parties and a whole lot of randomness on a day-to-day basis. We finally decided, why keep it to ourselves? We want to share all of […]

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