What’s So Special About April 20th?

Just like tax day last week, there seem to be a lot of discounts, coupons and deals today. But why?…What’s so special about April 20th? Whether we know or not, why not take advantage of these many savings today!

In case you haven’t seen any listed in your local newspaper’s daily deals or your daily newsfeed in your email or social media alerts, we’ve got a list of some of our favorites below:

1. Breakfast, Brunch or Brinner: Today only our favorite fast-food breakfast joint will be serving breakfast all day long. So if you didn’t have time to pick up your usual egg-white McMuffin this morning before work, you can get one on your way home from work!

2. Pizza for All: Domino’s pizza has an offer for $4.20 in honor of today’s date. Just be sure to order your pizza by a certain time…can you guess what time? 4:20!

3. 4/20 Themed 4/20 Specials: In case you haven’t figured out the significance of 4/20, I’m sure it’s popped up under your trending topics on Twitter and Google Trends. Hungry for more specials? You’ll love these 4/20-themed food and drink specials to celebrate.

Enjoy your 4/20 and we’ll chat with you tomorrow!



Working for the Weekend

It is Friday. I was asked to go out with friends tonight. We have a client event, so I declined, and was called out for working too much. I let it go, but it continued to bother me, and here is why. I can’t understand…What is wrong with loving to work?


We have a great work-life balance here at Mugsy. I see my friends and family often, I live for Netflix marathon weekends (next up – House of Cards), and I even take a vacation every once in a while, but while doing all of that, my brain is still plotting publicity stunts and finding good angles for every piece of news I hear.

I love the chase of a media hit. I find zen in the multitude of social media graphs and analytics that we look at every day. I wake up excited to see what new ideas the team has come up with, and I thrive on the absolute exhilaration of opening and running a business successfully for over two years (plus everything in the photo collage above took place in the last 30 days!).

Today I happily declare, “I Love To Work.” If you agree, comment below and tell us why you love your job!

We can’t be the only crazy ones happy to be working on a Friday!

The Business of Throwback Thursday #TBT

Do you remember the first time you saw a #ThrowbackThursday post, picture or mention? Two words with alliteration and a hashtag put in front. The rest is history….really!

So many memes and even apps like Timehop to keep the trend more than a trend. How often do you post Throwback Thursday pictures to your social media? Do you have an app for that?

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite #ThrowbackThursday images!




Throwback-Thursday (1)

Two Years Of Mugsy Madness: Happy Anniversary, Sarah!

The first time I met Sarah (Co-Owner and VP of Mugsy PR) was in 2005 when she started work at Haber & Quinn, the very first PR firm I worked for. The first time we ate lunch together, I laughed so hard I spit soda all over her. It was friendship at first spit.

After many years of working together and not killing each other after four days straight of 4 a.m. early morning t.v. shoots on 3 hours of sleep, I knew this was the type of partnership you don’t find often. Though we went our separate ways, we stayed in touch and in December 2012, I opened up Mugsy PR. Four months later, I needed help, and there was no doubt who I was going to call.


Of course, who could resist my pitch of, “Hey there. I know you are making good money with full benefits and a secure company. Any chance you want to leave all that to come make nothing with me and build this thing up?”.

Thankfully, she said yes, and here we are over two years later, still open and celebrating Sarah’s two year anniversary with Mugsy PR today!!!!

I could not ask for a better partner to rule the world with. Happy Anniversary!

The Fab 5 of the Day: From Cute Koalas to the NBA Playoffs

With so many options of funny videos, cute animals and breaking news stories coming across my computer, I’ve found my top five favorites through all the rest. Which one of my top 5 is your favorite?

1. The Super-Family Feud

Check out the entire cast of the Avengers on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a good laugh!

2. Kool as a Koala 

The cuter the animal, the more popular it is online (and the more I like it!). It also doesn’t hurt that these koalas have such sophisticated taste that they only fly first class. Read more about the various amenities these cuties will have while flying the Australian airline Quantas: Koalas Fly First-Class.

3. Going Green with Spieth

Less than a day after his Masters win at the August National Golf Club, Spieth made his way to the Big Apple for his many interviews…but not without taking time out for himself and a selfie at the Empire State Building! Spieth Selfie

4. Summer & Sodas

If you know me, you know I love me some diet soda! And with the temperature already nearing the 90s in South Florida, I have been reaching for my refreshing beverage more often than usual to cool off. With that being said, it’s not wonder why this is one of my favorite things today: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

5. The Playoffs?….Playoffs!

The NBA regular season is almost over and the playoffs begin next week so I’m getting ready for a basketball-filled TV schedule! If you’re looking for something fun to keep you engaged in the playoff games, head over to GoneStreakin.com and sign up for Gone Streakin’ Hoops. You can enter Double-Double and Points-Based games for free with a chance to win $$!



The Lovely, Gorgeous, Intelligence Of It All…

We talk a lot at Mugsy.

Pitching, networking, sharing news, funny videos, adorable hedgehog birthday parties and a whole lot of randomness on a day-to-day basis. We finally decided, why keep it to ourselves? We want to share all of the madness with you lovely, gorgeous, intelligent people. And we know you have lovely, gorgeous, intelligent opinions that we want to hear as well! So please comment, share your own favorite links and tell us what you think.

Welcome to the Mind of Mugsy

1. The More You Know… 

Our main topic of conversation this morning? Not so much that Hilary Clinton officially announced that she will run for President in 2016, but the fact that so many other women have run in the past that we had no idea about! Thanks to Time.com for this enlightening article on the female candidates who have worked to make political history. 

2. F.O.M.O.

“Fear Of Missing Out” is a very real thing thanks to social media. This fun Metro News article has come up with other social media specific emotions that should be added to the dictionary. How many of these have you experienced?

3. “How many airline miles do we have?” 

No matter how many conferences and events we go to, we always feel like we are missing so many! This comprehensive list from Mashable is hopefully going to help us pre-plan to attend more.  MozCon anyone?

4. #Mugshots.

Media hits for clients (#Mugshots) are the best. Media hits for Mugsy aren’t too shabby either – especially when they let us show off some tips and tricks to help others better promote their business. Big thanks to Julie Knudson for letting me blab on and on about one of my favorite topics in this Small Business Computing article about “Elements of a Good Facebook Business Page”.

5. “It just feels good in my mouth…”

In case no one has said it to you yet today, Happy Scrabble Day. Yeah, we didn’t know it existed either, but now that we do, we have spent about 20 minutes talking about our favorite words. I can’t decide. Serendipitous is one of my favorite sounding words, but I like the way the word “abominable” feels when saying it out loud. What is your favorite?



Ever wonder what runs through our heads? Your dreams have come true. Every day we will share the top five things we have discussed in the Mugsy office. Welcome to the madness!