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From the Arts to the Gram – Top 5 of the Week

From the Arts to the Gram – Top 5 of the Week

We’re buzzing today with an eclectic group of articles that have caught our eye this week, ranging the arts to nuclear breakdowns. What would you paint? Are you in the best location for your skills? How do you feel about Chernobyl? All questions that you will ask yourself today!

Talk about a beautiful way to change the drab views of concrete and asphalt. At Mugsy, we don’t mind a little grey in our day, but we also love color. To have hidden artwork like this not only changes the view, but our perspectives too! Where would you hide some water activated paint?

We work a LOT so we may not always be at the theaters, but you better believe we have movies on all. the. time. We rep a lot of them! But I don’t believe we have seen all of the movies on this poster though this week we met someone who has! #FilmGoals. Now I know what I’m getting for the office this holiday season!

Not from Mugsy, but apparently doing voices will get you fired from a drive-thru. It just goes to show you that maybe you are not in the place most suitable for your talents. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will inevitably fail. Though, I do want to know who complained about the voices…probably someone afraid of clowns…Bottom line – find where your talents fit best!

Image recognition has a lot of amazing uses. And a lot of creepy ones. We still haven’t quite agreed in the office if this is a technology we like or are petrified of, but Entrepreneur Magazine has a great article on how image recognition can help your social media ads. Brilliant.

Finally, speaking about social media, it definitely makes things popular. Even things you may never assume. Like Chernobyl. The popularity of the new Chernobyl show on HBO has led to the creation of tours and trips to bring you through the safe zones. Curiosity wise we get it, but we still can’t understand the slew of people trying to turn this area into an Instagram hot spot. Must we do it ALL for the ‘gram, people?!

Top Five of the Week is Back!

Top Five of the Week is Back!

We have missed bringing you our favorite news stories and all the things that have us talking – and it seems you’ve missed it too. So we’re bringing it back. Here’s our Top Five of the Week!

  1. We never need a reason to celebrate Pride, but we do enjoy the camaraderie in celebration. The bright colors and the love being spread around is glorious to see. And one of our clients embraced this feeling whole-heartedly. Check out Pharaoun Cocktail Ring’s debut for Pride Month entitled ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’.
  2. One of our favorite stories this week is about a man who took a lucky guess and cracked the code on a decades old safe. This guy needs to try his hand at the Powerball this week!
  3. Concrete Beach Brewery just released their summer beers! They are the best brewery in Miami to beat the summer heat – ok, maybe we are a bit biased – but for real – their beer is the best! Come try their Pool Party Pilsner, Honey Rye Lager, Tropic of Passion, Award Winning Havana Lager, or ANY of their brews, and then tell me I’m wrong. Bet you can’t!
  4. Alright this one is a little “ew” worthy, but cool nonetheless and it had us buzzing. There are very few cases where the response is “it’s just a tapeworm.” and you’d be happy, but when you think you have an aggressive, malignant cancer, this may be the best news you could get! Yes – a tapeworm in a nodule shaped like a quail egg inside a woman’s body that she (and doctors) thought was cancer. Read about it here. Wow!
  5. Finally, This has made our day here. Our dogs try to walk themselves, but this is cuteness to a whole other level! Look at the speed they are running too! We want to know why? Why is the alpaca being walked by the dog? Why does an alpaca need to be walked? Either way, we want to see more!

Have a great week and send us YOUR favorite news – we’d love to see what has you chatting in your office too!

What’s Upcoming for 2019?

As the year comes to a close we are already pitching long lead magazines for their Feb/March issues and looking ahead into 2019. While we look at the year ahead we are looking at what WE need to bring to the table to help our clients bring their brands to the next level. What is upcoming for Mugsy in the next year? 

  1. Development of more micro-influencer events
  2. Increased integration of A.R. and V.R. into press outreach
  3. More measurements for R.O.I. for clients to see the true value of PR
  4. Development of stronger media relationships for more OFFLINE contact
  5. Use of automated tools for administrative work to allow us more time for client content curation and community management

We also look forward to bringing the unique Mugsy brand of seminars, workshops and presentations to companies and events across the country in 2019! Find out more about what we offer as keynote speakers, corporate trainers and publicists / social media strategists by visiting the Mugsy PR website or contacting us at 

Wine Pairings for Busy Parents (and aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and people who just like wine and kids’ snacks)

Wine Pairings for Busy Parents (and aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and people who just like wine and kids’ snacks)

It is back to school and that means things get a little crazy as we get back into the swing of things. Emily, Ryan and Tracy’s kids are back in class, Sarah is on nephew pickup duty, and at the end of the day, despite our best efforts to go low-cal, low-carb and healthy, all of us are at home grabbing leftover chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for dinner with the kids when in a rush.

Now you know, usually we grab a beer from Concrete Beach Brewery to go with it (there is nothing like a McDonald’s Cheeseburger Happy Meal and a Havana Lager – for real), but the good folks at Personal Creations have done some recon work and figured out the best wines to go with those leftovers to class things up a bit. Take a look at their research below. It’s awesome, Thanks for sharing Personal Creations!

The Best Wine Pairings for When You Eat Your Kids’ Leftovers

It’s the end of the day and your kids are asleep but, as usual, they have failed to finish their entire dinner. Why not turn what’s left into a gourmet dinner for you? Paired with a fancy wine, your kids’ leftovers will make for a classy dinner that parents can enjoy. Don’t worry if you’re not a wine snob; Personal Creations has done the research for you, including the temperature at which your wine bottles should be stored.

White Wines

White wines should be refrigerated before drinking. Typically, white wines pair with lighter fare such as fish, cheese, chicken, and hummus. Try the following pairings the next time you have leftovers on hand:

Pinot Grigio and Fish Sticks: The most popular white wine in Italy, pinot grigio is dry – meaning that it doesn’t have much residual sugar content after the fermentation process and goes with most foods.

Chardonnay and Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Chardonnay is a popular white wine in the United States and, as with most white wines, is served chilled. Chardonnay pairs well with leftover grilled cheese sandwiches or mac and cheese.  

Red Wines

Unlike white wines, red wines are typically served at room temperature, so if you don’t have time to chill your wine for a snack, try the following red wine and snack pairings:

Merlot and Hot Dog: Merlot has a high amount of tannins, which give it a complex flavor that pairs well with hot dogs or other hearty leftovers.

Pinot Noir and Cheese Crackers: Pinot noir is lighter in flavor than other red wines.  It can also be stored at room temperature, which is convenient, and makes an excellent wine to pair with cheese crackers (or cheese and crackers).

Are you more of a beer fan than a wine enthusiast? Try a lager with buttered pasta, a porter with string cheese, or fruit snacks and Belgian strong ale. Check out many more wine and beer pairings for kids’ leftovers at Personal Creations.

Local vs. National News…Is There a Difference Anymore?

Local vs. National News…Is There a Difference Anymore?

I believe I’ve mentioned (over 200 times) that I’m more of a morning person. I like getting up and attacking the day. It always feels like I’m getting ahead of everyone else!

When I wake up, I immediately shut my alarm off (as to try not to disturb my slumbering husband) and head to the living room with my computer in hand. I start getting caught up on my emails and turn on the TV to watch some news. Since I get up so early, I obviously start with the local news…seeing what the whether’s going to be like, if there are any traffic concerns for the morning and watching the top headlines of the day.

Next, the clock strikes 7am and it’s time for the national morning news. Time to get caught up on the national, top headlines of the day.

Wait a minute…didn’t I just watch this?

Is it just me or are the top headlines of the local news really just the top headlines of the national news? What happened to the local news stories that AREN’T pay-to-play, sponsored segments? Where’s the information on what’s going on in my community? What happened to the headlines that happen in my neighborhood? Where did the local angles go?

The local news industry has just changed so much. I know there’s been a lot of downsizing over the last few years, but stop downsizing our local news. I don’t want the national headlines at the local level…I’m going to get those everywhere – the news, the radio, my Facebook timeline, my news alerts. Give me local! Who else is with me? Raise your hand! How can we get our local news back to covering local?

Join us at Biz Bash Live!

Join us at Biz Bash Live!

We are so excited to be presenting a workshop on Experiential Marketing at Biz Bash Live in Miami on May 16th. Use our code Mugsy18 for a discount on your ticket. Hope to see you all there!