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Join us at Biz Bash Live!

Join us at Biz Bash Live!

We are so excited to be presenting a workshop on Experiential Marketing at Biz Bash Live in Miami on May 16th. Use our code Mugsy18 for a discount on your ticket. Hope to see you all there!

Just one of those days…

Just one of those days…

Today the internet is wonky, the workload is heavy and we have a three day week. Oh, and I should mention I am in the midst of moving and writing this on a laptop balanced on top of a cardboard box. Ah, yes, just another manic Monday. Since this means we don’t have a lot of time to blog today, I shall leave you with this. My top five Monday memes. Enjoy!



monday1 monday2


Bringing YOU To Your Branding

Bringing YOU To Your Branding

When I first started Mugsy, I wanted it to be a representation of who I was and what I loved. That was how we ended up with a PR firm that is professional with a cheeky edge and a bit of a vintage feel (with a healthy dose of pink of course).

When we work with startups we tell them the same thing – try to infuse your business branding with a bit of YOU. Obviously keep it relevant to your company, but just a hint of your own style of personality can go a long way in making you truly FEEL the brand. And isn’t that the point of branding? To make people feel something when they think of you and your company. Below are three examples of people and companies that have done a great job at personalizing their branding and it has gone a long way for them. How have you let your true self shine through for your brand?

Tijuana Flats


P. Diddy / Ciroc


Richard Branson / Virgin


Betsey Johnson


Apple / Mac



Fab Five of the Week: From Smelly Cats to Bears in Pools

Check out some of my favorite (and least favorite) things going on this week!


1. Smelly Cat is Back! If you don’t know me that well, you don’t know that I’m a HUGE Friends fan. Who doesn’t love when Phoebe Buffay sings the ever-popular song of “Smelly Cat.” Almost all of my favorite episodes of Friends include something about that song! Recently, Taylor Swift teamed up with Pheobe (Lisa Kudrow) and sang the song together. Talk about the best thing ever!


2. The Imminence of Erika: Yes…Mugsy PR is based in South Florida. And yes…we have a TON of experience with hurricanes. However, we haven’t experienced one in over 6 or 7 years. Wilma was the last major storm that had our lights out for over 2-3 weeks (depending on where you lived) and then there was the summer of Gene, Francis and Charlie. While Emily and I have the knowledge of hurricanes, this would be the first one since we have property, families, pets, etc. In the past, we just went to a family member’s home and “hunkered” down with them. Now, it’s our turn to take care of our own families, friends and pets and we want to be sure we’re prepared. Hopefully we’re more prepared than necessary!






3. Wifi Blues: Yesterday was a curious day. We brown outs, a few times power went out and, most importantly, wifi outages everywhere! My personal wifi internet was in and out all day yesterday, last night and this morning. The same was true for Emily at her house, my sister at her house and others I heard from. Keep in mind….we all live 15-30 miles from each other and have different service providers! I don’t know if the crazy weather, imminent hurricane or what was causing this, but it definitely gave my household the blues – especially since we live through wifi (computers, mobile devices, tables, gaming consoles, TV….EVERYTHING!).



4. No!…My Floatie! This is the cutest video to watch if you need an afternoon pick-me-up. Seriously…it’s better than coffee! A mother and child saw a pack of 5 bear cubs playing in their backyard and eventually ending up in their pool. Don’t worry though. Mama bear showed up eventually. While the mother of the home takes video of the bears in the backyard, you can hear her adorable child talking as well. If you need something to brighten your day…this is it!



5. National Dog Day: I know it was yesterday, but the spirit didn’t move me to show a picture of my faithful dog companion Jack. If you don’t know, our 5-yr old Jack has cancer and is going through chemo. One of his appointments was yesterday so he wasn’t home all day. The good news: he’s doing amazing! His weight is back up! He’s got his energy back! And he’s cleaning up any food we drop on the floor! Unfortunately, we lost another pet family member 2 weeks ago. We adopted our cat Gucci 10 years ago as an adult so we really don’t know how old she was. We think we gave her a great home and a great companion in Jack…and we hope she thought that too.



When Life Gets Enchanted

When Life Gets Enchanted

Last night Enchanted was on the Disney Channel. If you haven’t seen this movie, I actually recommend it. As a child or an adult, it is pretty darn cute. The main premise is about an animated Disney-like Princess who is searching for her heart’s desire and gets pushed into a vortex that sends her to NYC as a real human being.

Watching it I thought about how many times myself and others have felt like that. To be searching for your heart’s desire (success, stability, love, etc) and you find yourself in a confusing vortex, unlike anything you’ve known before.

It is frightening to try something new and push yourself (mentally or physically) beyond where you have gone before. The concept of “fake it til you make it” is all fine and dandy, but faking it gets exhausting. When it all feels overwhelming, it helps to know that in the end you will always find yourself stronger for pushing out of your comfort zone. Outside the boundaries you create for yourself is where life becomes enchanted.

Every person starting a new job, a new day of school, or anything new (hello, entrepreneurs!) has felt the same way when breaking the confines of their own boundaries. Here are a few quotes to help inspire all of you in the vortex today!

comfort 3

comfort 4

comfort 5





You Learn Something New Every Day

You Learn Something New Every Day

One of my favorite things about PR is that no two days are alike. This is not the type of job you want if your ideal day consists of sitting at a desk in a cubicle. So, what is a day in PR like? Here is a typical day in the life of Mugsy.

7:00 a.m.: Wake up and check google alerts for overnight client hits and personal social media since all day is spent on client SM

7:30 a.m.: Shower and get ready for the day

8:30 a.m.: Grab a cup of coffee, watch some morning news shows and catch up on news from CNN, Yahoo, Sun-Sentinel and more

9:00 a.m.: Check e-mail and have our morning regrouping with Mugsy staff

10:00 a.m.: Head to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea to attend a client photo shoot (Driftwood Beach Club). Not too shabby!

Beach Patio - Mike

Noon: Lunch and meeting at Gigi’s Music Cafe to prepare for the viewing party of their Restaurant Impossible debut.


1:30 p.m.: Check e-mail and client social media pages for notifications / messages.

2:30 p.m.: Work with Mugsy’s amazing graphic designer on a new cosplay flyer for Indigo Bliss Hairapy.


3:00 p.m.: Head to Boca Raton to meet with the Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum about publicity for their upcoming WWII exhibit.


4:00 p.m.: Check e-mail and social media again. Post on client pages and respond to followers.

5:30 p.m.: Happy hour with potential new clients.

7:00 p.m.: Mugsy’s social media team settles in at their homes to live tweet and post the NBA playoff games for our client Class Act Sports and their new online game Gone Streakin’.