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Talking Politics in the Workplace

Talking Politics in the Workplace

Tomorrow is Election Day and if you didn’t get to the polls during early voting, tomorrow is a very important day! I myself am actually really excited for the 24 hour coverage to begin tomorrow! This is a very important civic duty that everyone should care about – no matter your party affiliation. Election Day to me is always a very exciting day…seeing how everyone votes on both the candidates and the issues in their communities.

All that aside, I usually keep my excitement for Election Day, my party affiliation and political talk in general to a minimum when in the workplace. I’m not saying you have to cease and desist all politics talk (that obviously depends on your office and their policies), but being “politically correct” at work is definitely a good idea. So I have a couple Do’s and Don’t’s to share to help you with the big Election Day work politics.

  • Do: Check your employee handbook to make sure you can talk politics
  • Don’t: Think that just because you’re “off the clock” it’s okay when with coworkers
  • Do: Make sure you’re being considerate of all viewpoints
  • Don’t: Talk about the really heated issues
  • Do: Know when to stop the conversation and remain friends

Hopefully this helps get you through your Election Day work day tomorrow – especially if you have TVs in the office! Get out and VOTE!

The Chew Ends: 7 Years Comes to a Stop

The Chew Ends: 7 Years Comes to a Stop

As you well know from the previous blog post Daytime TV Obsessions Working from Home, I’m a regular viewer of The Chew. Well…it looks like I’m going to have to find something else to have on in the background while working since this Friday (tomorrow) is the very last day The Chew will be on air.

I can’t lie…it’s not my favorite show in the world, but I did enjoy it and part of me feels really badly for the hosts – and their entire cast and crew totaling 150 people. How do I know how many people work on the show? Carla Hall has repeatedly mentioned this week and last week how many people will be out of a job.

While the hosts – Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon – have tried their hardest to make these last few days as upbeat and fun as possible, but it seems they all have more of an edge to them in the form of quips being said on air about being cancelled / out of a job.

Today they recorded the show for today (Thursday) as well as their Grand Finale taking place tomorrow (Friday). I know I’ll definitely watch to see what happens, what else is said and how many tears are shed.

Take a look at how the hosts reacted when finding out they were being cancelled. (via Deadline)




When Life Gets Enchanted

When Life Gets Enchanted

Last night Enchanted was on the Disney Channel. If you haven’t seen this movie, I actually recommend it. As a child or an adult, it is pretty darn cute. The main premise is about an animated Disney-like Princess who is searching for her heart’s desire and gets pushed into a vortex that sends her to NYC as a real human being.

Watching it I thought about how many times myself and others have felt like that. To be searching for your heart’s desire (success, stability, love, etc) and you find yourself in a confusing vortex, unlike anything you’ve known before.

It is frightening to try something new and push yourself (mentally or physically) beyond where you have gone before. The concept of “fake it til you make it” is all fine and dandy, but faking it gets exhausting. When it all feels overwhelming, it helps to know that in the end you will always find yourself stronger for pushing out of your comfort zone. Outside the boundaries you create for yourself is where life becomes enchanted.

Every person starting a new job, a new day of school, or anything new (hello, entrepreneurs!) has felt the same way when breaking the confines of their own boundaries. Here are a few quotes to help inspire all of you in the vortex today!

comfort 3

comfort 4

comfort 5





The Best of the Miss USA Pageant

The Best of the Miss USA Pageant

I’m not gonna lie…I didn’t watch the pageant last night. However, it’s hard to miss the media stories and social media trends that have erupted since the start of the pageant last night to even late this afternoon!

In true Miss USA fashion (pun intended), there were unique evening gowns and swimsuits as well as epic fails when it came to interview answers and walking. And of course, the elephant not in the room…Donald Trump.

Take a look at my two favorite moments I’ve seen on social media and news sites today. What was your favorite moment?

Miss Rhode Island’s Interview Question on Being Politically Correct (PC)


Miss Oklahoma’s (Now Miss USA’s) Stunning Pink Gown










There are tons of images, videos and stories out there that will recap the evening’s event. Check out the highs, lows and trending topics when you have a chance!

Video Ads on Websites: Friend or Foe

Video Ads on Websites: Friend or Foe

How many sites have video ads? Let us….well no…there are too many to count. Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for YouTube, online news segments and funny cat videos. That being said, I keep my computer on mute most of the work day when I’m doing research, reading the latest news article and looking for interesting content. Video ads will start without me even knowing they’re on the website and then there’s something – or someone – on while I’m working and I lose my concentration and race to try and find the source through all my open internet tabs.

Speaking of research, I did a little digging myself to find the pros and cons of digital advertising and what other industry leaders and consumers think about them. I found a mix of different information.

If you’re thinking about video advertising online for your clients or as a consumer, we have all the information you need to make your decision.

Pros & Cons: Online video advertising

A Comprehensive List of Online Video Ad Types and Formats, Pros and Cons

Making the Switch to Online Video Advertising

Online Video Advertising: What Works and What Fails

To online advertise or not….what will you decide? Let us know!

How Do You Watch TV…Cable and/or Internet Streaming?

How Do You Watch TV…Cable and/or Internet Streaming?

Times have changed. It’s not a question of your local cable provider compared to a satellite dish. It’s more a question of cable…or streaming video services. I have poled all my friends and family and it’s still a split with half of them giving up on cable services and the other half sticking with it.

ch_cloudI can tell you from my own personal experience that I have been without a cable provider for over 4 years. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes (I’m an Apple fan) and three different HD antennas in the house, we have saved…well…a lot! Everything on Netflix and Hulu is free. Amazon Prime is a yearly fee that offers a number of free movies and shows as well as those you may have to pay for to rent or buy. The benefit of Amazon Prime is that we also get priority shipping for other purchases on their site.

amazon_netflix_huluAccording to a recent article by Business Insider, “Apple is expected to launch a service later this year which features live program channels.” Being an Apple nut, this will DEFINITELY be something for my household to check out so we can hopefully rid our TVs of ugly “rabbit-ear” HD antennas.

While many people have started using Internet streaming services, they still have the fall-back of cable. My question to all of you: how do you watch your favorite shows/movies? Do you still have a cable contract, are you TV series binge watchers on Internet streaming services or do you have the best of both worlds?