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Hurricane Season is Here – Is Your Office Ready?

Hurricane Season is Here – Is Your Office Ready?

It is hurricane season and while we all stock up our homes here in South Florida, are you thinking about the needs of your office?

Step #1 is to set up your emergency plan. What happens during a hurricane watch or a warning. Do your employees know if they should come into work or stay home? How will they find out updates? What if the power goes out? Plan for EVERYTHING.

Step #2 – Back-Up, Back-up, and Back-Up Again. Every file, every client website, every post-it note on your computer screen – back it up. You never know what may happen, but as long as you use a strong back-up program, ANYTHING can happen and it will be o.k. We use Carbonite and has been a life-saver twice already!

Step #3 is to ensure you have all your insurance documents in order in case anything does happen. Not just your main business insurance, but also any warranty or important documentation to your major (and minor!) office equipment as well. Bet you’re loving those organized office admins now, aren’t ya. ūüėČ Don’t forget to get a waterproof case for ALL your important docs and store them somewhere high and dry.

Finally Step #4 – Get Handy. You know there are things in your physical office space you’ve been neglecting. Since you didn’t do things months ago, now really is the time to patch the roof and windows, check security and flood lighting, test that your generator is working and make sure the office has flashlights, a first-aid kit, a battery operated radio or TV (with batteries!!) and food/water for any staff¬†as required.


Falling Into the Season

Falling Into the Season

It’s official…it’s Fall in South Florida! While the weather may not have changed much in the last few days, the “season” sure has.

It’s no secret…I’m a native Floridian so I’m used to the changes of South Florida.¬†The weather is somewhat the same, but¬†other aspects of Florida are not. We get our seasonal neighbors back from up north, very advance reservations are needed at restaurants and hotels, the beaches are still hot for everyone in autumn and there are so many events and happenings going on you never have a dull weekend!

This is truly one of my favorite times of the year. It’s almost time to open the windows while it rains to listen to nature’s music and you always meet someone new at one of your favorite places/events.


Is it a busy time of year? Absolutely. It’s what I call¬†a Mugsy kind of season! There’s so much fun going on there’s no way you can’t smile.

Be sure to take a look at the Mugsy PR¬†list of clients on our website to find out what everyone has going on. There’s something for every family, every couple and everyone!

Duck Army Invades YouTube

This week, this “Duck Army” video went viral:

Then the mash-ups began, from Taylor Swift to Duck Tales to Lost to Adele and more:

Makes you wonder what exactly it is that catches online attention these days. As a marketer, how do you explain these phenomenons to clients? What has been YOUR most random case of virality?

Mugsy in Mourning

Today has been a tough day for everyone. Whether you start your day by listening to your favorite local radio show, watching national news or checking your social media pages, we were all deeply saddened after learning of two young WBDJ-TV  journalists in Virginia who were killed during their live morning broadcast.

Emily and I immediately called each other this morning before starting work once we heard the¬†news. We couldn’t believe it and immediately felt for their news team family – especially the anchor that watched and then had to address their community and viewers after they had all seen the live footage. We were then again grief-stricken¬†after learning about how¬†young Alison Parker and Adam Ward were and everything they had to look forward to – both in their personal and professional lives.

We followed any and all information that was released about this tragedy…hoping that the suspect would be found as soon as possible. Both the dedicated police in the area and the help of everyone sharing information about the shooter helped to make that possible.

The entire Mugsy PR team has¬†had the friends, family and work family of Alison and Adam in our thoughts all day…and I guarantee you that our thoughts will be with all of you forever.

High Flying to Crazy Sleep: Top Five of the Day

High Flying to Crazy Sleep: Top Five of the Day

It has been a long Monday and a busy day. We needed a brain break, so instead of hard hitting, real news – here is my gift to you – everything I am distracting the Mugsy office with today.

1. Getting High. Forget flying IN a plane, now you can walk on top of an airplane in flight with the Breitling wing-walking team in England.

2. We know Leia owns a bikini…Awesome artist renditions of Star Wars characters on vacation.¬†

3. Feel the Beat. Male dancer killed it at the Miami Heat auditions this weekend!

4. Hello Boobies. NY is going topless and the reason is important. Read more. 

5. Sleepy or Crazy? Can a yawn determine if you are a psychopath?


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Happy Friday all! To help you make it to your fun weekend, we have tips to help you work smarter instead of harder.

1. Set a Timer: Have a ton of different tasks to get done in a day? Set a timer for increments of 30 minutes and hit each task hard. Make it a contest with yourself to see how many of those tasks you can get done!

2. Keep Positive:¬†If you have emails, reviews or work with positive feedback, keep them! Whenever you’re feeling particularly down in the dumps at your job, peruse through all those files and give yourself a smile!

3. Emails, Emails, Emails:¬†We get TONS of emails a day. Truly…some just can’t wait. However,¬†if¬†you know you have emails that can wait a bit…then wait just 5 minutes or until the end of your timer for another task and then attack those emails!


Check out more great tips to work smart instead of hard this Friday!