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When Talking Turkey Pays Off

When Talking Turkey Pays Off

There has been a lot of media lately about the stores that are closing for Thanksgiving and even Black Friday this year. I love that families will have more time together, but one can’t help but wonder if it is a genuine, from-the-heart movement from these retailers, or if they want the publicity behind the sentiment. Either way they are getting buzz, which is sure to convert to some strong holiday sales. Below are 5 of our favorite Thanksgiving time marketing / PR campaigns from the last few years. Can’t wait to see what else pops up this year as we draw closer to Turkey Day!

1. In 2012 Pinterest, Allrecipes and Better Homes & Gardens teamed up for the “Best Thanksgiving Ever”. Participants could win $5,000 if they posted five or more Thanksgiving recipes from Allrecipes or BH&G to their own “Best Thanksgiving Ever” board on Pinterest. Not only did the campaign drive traffic to all sponsoring websites, but it put Allrecipes on the map as a top recipe site.

2. 2013 brought us the “Turkey Bowl”, a Thanksgiving campaign from Nike that used the SessionM mobile app network to award users points for in-app interactions that could be redeemed for gift cards. When customers used their points, the Nike Turkey Bowl ads would pop up creating a full circle campaign.

3. With only a few days in between the holidays this year, it was a brilliant idea for Manischewitz (Kosher food store) to merge Hanukkah and Thanksgiving to create their own “Thanksgivukah”. With an entire website dedicated to the “holiday”, funny videos, recipes, ecards and more, the social media exposure for the brand has been HUGE.

4. True Turkey Talk is the name of the game with the Butterball Turkey-Talk-Line. For 29 years now Butterball has run a hotline in November and December to encourage consumers to call 1-800-Butterball (and in more recent years to visit Butterball on the Go) to ask their turkey related questions.

5. Finally, we can’t talk about Thanksgiving marketing without talking about Macy’s. The parade is marketing brilliance in itself, but the engaging website and social media they created to go along with it is nothing short but amazing. With a countdown to the parade, a ton of useful into and even uniquely created games, the site adds an extra level of engagement to the Thanksgiving Tradition.


 What is YOUR favorite Thanksgiving campaign?

Fab Five of the Week and It’s All About HALLOWEEN!

Fab Five of the Week and It’s All About HALLOWEEN!

I love Halloween! Candy on every aisle in every store, cute kids dressed as their favorite character or hero, and the costume parties in every city. So without further ado, here are my fab Halloween five of the week!

Pumpkin Attack in Arizona: Ok…it’s not really an attack, but it is really funny! There was no keeping this pumpkin down as it felt the need to make sure everyone in it’s path knows that Halloween is around the corner. Thankfully there were no injuries from this rogue pumpkin.

Cutest Kid Costumes: If you’re an avid listener of the KVJ Show on 97.9 WRMF, you know they’ve been doing a Kids Costume Contest. Now I don’t have any kids, but these little ones in their costumes have been super adorable! What has been your favorite Halloween costume so far?

Photo from the KVJ Show Facebook page

Photo from the KVJ Show Facebook page

Pumpkin Patches A-Plenty: Think about it…how many pumpkin patches have you passed while driving around this month? In my 3 to 5 mile radius around my house I can count at least 4 off the top of my head. And on the weekends, they’re the place to be with family and friends to pick out your personal pumpkin to carve and get those adorable fall pictures of the family!

Celebrities in Costume: From the cutest kid costumes to some of the funniest celebrity costumes, there’s no shortage of good stuff online today! Enjoy some of the best are on the E! News site. My personal favorite is of Katy Perry. Which one is yours?

Trick or Treating Time: I’m not going to lie…I’m not a big Halloween party person. I do have one costume (a flapper) for emergency purposes, but rarely do I break it out of the back closet. “How can you be such a fan of Halloween if you don’t dress up,” you may be asking. I’m the candy-giver-outter. Every year since the hubbs and I moved into our house (on Halloween I might add), we sit on our front porch with a couple cocktails (for us) and a big bowl of candy for the neighborhood families. Our street is bumper-to-bumper during trick-or-treat time with all the families walking around. It’s just so much fun! The kids come running up for candy and the parents are even walking around behind all dressed up also. So don’t look for me at the hottest party in South Florida…I’ll be dishing out the candy!

Five On My Mind: Nintendo, Show Tunes and the Death of Bacon

Five On My Mind: Nintendo, Show Tunes and the Death of Bacon

This week has been crazy, and since it is only Wednesday, I am chalking it up to Halloween coming and a general friskiness in the spring air. Lots of crazy news stories popping up too – and here are the top five on my mind so far this week:

  1. Time for some XO. A HUGE congratulations to and (and longtime friend Marci Robin who is a kickass writer for them) for becoming part of the Time, Inc. family. It is well deserved and we can’t wait to watch things grow!
  2. Halloween Hangover. Trying to figure out which wine goes best with those Snickers bars? Vivino created an infographic to help you figure out your perfect Halloween Candy wine pairings. Love it.
  3. Have a Song Stuck in your Head? Good. No one at Mugsy can get mad the next time I make everyone do musical day at the office. You know, where you have to sing everything you want to say to people in the office. You guys don’t do that? ANYWAY – a new study shows that show tunes can help ward off dementia. Saving brains here people, one chorus line at a time!
  4. I Apparently Need to Learn to Love Kale. However in super sad news the World Health Organization released a statement that processed meats (aka BACON) is now in the same category as cigarettes for ‘things that cause cancer’. I quit smoking – now I have to quit bacon? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  5. Because I still Miss Tetris…I am psyched about Nintendo’s new smart phone game. It comes out tomorrow and I am excited!! What is your favorite old school Nintendo game? (My top three were always Tetris, Mario Bros., and Kid Icarus or Mega Man – total tie there.)

PS – my absolute favorite thing this week? Typing Mega Man + Bacon into Google and finding the awesome featured image for today’s post. Don’t know the artist – but wanted to give credit where credit is due. This is one of several Mega Man Bacon pieces by the same artist. Nicely done.

Fab Five of the Week: World Series to Sexpose

Fab Five of the Week: World Series to Sexpose

There’s definitely a lot going on this week that has been “top of mind” for me. So let’s get to it.

Fall in South Florida: Ok…yes…it’s officially Fall/Autumn in South Florida. But, besides a slight dip in humidity and slight increase of a breeze, nothing is too out-of-the-ordinary. That being said, I myself have had a nasty cold all week, the husband had a fever and two of my friends have had strep throat. Apparently it is officially “cold season” in South Florida even though we can still go to the beach!

World Series Time: It’s officially one of the best times of baseball season! Being a native South Floridian I’m obviously a bit sad that my home team is out, but I’m still a sports buff and love any kind of playoff season! And to add the cherry on top, you can enter to win a Grand Slam Giveaway with The Hometown All Stars with their social media contest going on right now! Be sure to check out their social media sites for more information as every Tuesday they pose a new question for you to answer. Answer correctly and you’ll be entered to win a 2002 Royal Enfield Motorcycle. Find out more details on The Hometown All Stars blog site and enter for your chance to win!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.13.21 PMLet’s Talk About Sexpose: Tired of your same weekend hangout? Looking for something new and interesting to do this weekend? Head to Miami Beach this Saturday for what is known as TEDxxx – Sexpose: A Night School event for an exploration of the “history and cultural impact of human sexuality.” Topics including how sexual imagery is used in advertising; sex in the Orthodox Jewish community; and a myth-busting presentation called “So You Want to be a Sex Worker?” by Ms. Kitty Black. It’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want to change up your usual Saturday night bar scene, have an exciting date or even just learn something new! Be sure to Register for Sexpose as tickets are going fast!

Holiday Shopping Already? I talked it about it before, but the holidays are here whether we like it or not. While shopping with my bro-in-law’s main squeeze this weekend, I saw all the holiday decorations out and have even (luckily) received some holiday promotions to help jump-start my shopping. As much as it may sound too early, I have personally appreciated the reminder. I’ve gotten started this week! I know, I know…it’s WAYYYY to early, but with 3 nieces/nephews and two families in two different states, I want to make sure I’m not caught at the last minute! Have you started shopping yet?

Keep on Giving: Obviously I’m hooked on the holidays right now. And if you’ve been following the Mind of Mugsy from the beginning, you know my FAVORITE channel is Food Network. At least once a year I make cookies, cakes and treats for those who don’t always get them. Baking is a fun pastime for me so I love doing it. But this year, not only will I be baking for others and buying holiday gifts for my adorable nephews and cutie niece, I’ll be buying what gifts for two well-deserving kids in my community. Luckily I know exactly what they want and I’m looking forward to making their holiday wonderful!


Top Five of the Week: Pop Culture Time!

Top Five of the Week: Pop Culture Time!

As you know, if you read the blog, we have been BUSY. Like not our normal hustle and bustle, but an overwhelming busy that makes us run out of time every day. Finally, we are settled back in and we actually….wait for it…got to read the news! OMG. It has been over a week! So here are the top headlines that got us talking the last few days:

  1. The Force is Strong. The Star Wars VII trailer is out! If you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet – here you go:
  2. Sugar fans rejoice! Lucky Charms has released a box of marshmallow only cereal for a limited time. Earn that diabetes one spoonful at a time…
  3. Pretty funny, but someone got fired at Target for sure after porn played on the P.A. system this week.
  4. In sad news that everyone is talking about – Lamar Odom is recovering in LA and the Kardashians continue to tweet about it.
  5. And in the happiest news ever – The Gilmore Girls are coming back with new episodes on Netflix! #TeamJess Mugsy happy dance time!!!!!