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Speaking Topics 2020

Speaking Topics 2020

Mugsy’s entertaining and educational presentation topics for 2020 include:

  • Managing the Media Landscape – How to meet, greet, pitch and be LOVED by the media
  • So You Got a Media Hit….Now What? How to extend visibility for your brand 
  • Social with Soul – Stay authentic and keep social media from feeling soul sucking
  • Social Success – Ten Tips guaranteed to improve your social media conversions
  • Social Media Advocacy – How to amplify your voice for a cause 
  • New Views – How-to define and attract untapped markets
  • Getting Handsy – The importance of experiential marketing in your publicity mix
  • Experiential Marketing for a New Generation – What to do when your audience is already bored before showing up
  • Creativity Consultations – How to add personality to pitches, posts and potential event activations. 

We can custom design keynote speeches, hands-on workshops and our packaged seminars to fit your brand’s needs. Contact us for pricing, bookings and more  information at

To Message or Not To Message, That is the Question

To Message or Not To Message, That is the Question

With people being more accessible than ever today, it is also definitely more important than ever to set up boundaries for communication, particularly in the workplace. When employees, clients, media, marketing reps and others (not to mention family & friends) can reach you on emails, text, Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, iMessage, and, of course, the phone call – accessibility becomes stressful. Each means of communication has perks and downfalls, and we think there needs to be rules laid out for each! 

Phone Call: Ah, the trusty phone call. You get to hear the excitement (or disappointment) in the person’s voice. Other than meeting someone face to face it is the most personal of all communications, and scheduled, a phone call can be the most efficient form of communication. But sometimes, an unscheduled phone call can interrupt the work flow of the day. In order to not be rude, you give your attention to the person on the phone, but that can take attention away from something you were working on. Once set off track, it can be hard to go right back to work. We are often on phone calls throughout the day with media and with clients so we truly appreciate when someone schedules a call instead of just giving us a ring. It works well for everyone! 

Messages/iMessage/WhatsApp: These are probably the most accepted form of communication these days. People use text messages to share short notes, directions, love letters, apologies, check ins and everything in between. It’s an efficient way to let someone know both what you want for dinner, and that you are late for said dinner. It is also a plus (and sometimes a negative…) that the receiver has the option to answer at their leisure. While there is little pressure when it comes to texting or messaging apps, you don’t hear someone’s tone which can sometimes cause confusion and even arguments. Also, the lack of pressure to answer the messages can lead to forgetting a message or, even worse, the ever confusing ghosting! We LOVE WhatsApp for communication with our international clients and file transfers and use it consistently with clients. 

Social Media: Social Media iis probably the easiest form of communication today. All you need is someone’s name and you can “slide into their DM’s”. Most forms of social media make it easy to share media, news articles, thoughts, etc, and hey, if you have a ground-breaking thought, you are one step away from sharing it with the world. There’s almost no formality to social media. Messages can come and go without introductions. Here at Mugsy we try to keep social media just that – social. We use it within our group to share fun items and news links for client pages, but we do not use social as a way for clients to reach us. Too much information gets lost when there are too many forms of communication!

Which brings us to…

Email: At Mugsy this is the #1 way to get in touch with us. One email goes to the entire team and someone will quickly get to it – IF the email needs a quick response. We LOVE when people use email to reach us. Overall it is probably the only form of communication that you can use 24/7 without disrupting the receiver. It is nowadays acceptable for all forms of communication. Long lost friends? Email is perfect! Short work blurbs? Email them. Idea in the middle of the night but don’t want to wake a friend? Email! It’s always acceptable, but it’s also the least personal of all. Email, in the psyche, is still closely related to work. 

Of all forms of communication at Mugsy, we prefer email above all. It keeps files in one spot, everything is in writing so miscommunications don’t happen as often. Sometimes it can feel like an invasion of time off when we get texts, Whatsapp and messages come through on our phones early in the morning or late at night, but we NEVER mind an off hours email! And hey – if we’re up and working we may even write you back too!

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

So what’s the difference? With Snapchat you can take photo or video, add cute filters and add it to your story or send to specific people. With Instagram you can take photo or video, add fun graphics and add it to your story or send to specific people. Hmmm…very different.

While Snapchat was the fist one on the scene when it comes to more dynamic social storytelling, Instagram came onto the scene to challenge them with a vengeance! Not only does Instagram have a wider audience, they have a bigger audience. It’s also easier to discover topics and conversations on Instagram than it is on Snapchat.

It seems that social media users have a more personal connection with Instagram than Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat admits:

“The majority of our users are 18-34 years old. This demographic may be less brand loyal and more likely to follow trends than other demographics. These factors may lead users to switch to another product, which would negatively affect our user retention, growth, and engagement.”

I can honestly say I do both, but I myself see more activity (at least more activity that I’m interested in) on Instagram. Seeing what’s going on with Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande isn’t something that peaks my interest…so I guess you can tell what platform I’m more apt to use these days.

Which storytelling app do you prefer? Instagram or Snapchat?

Quote from article

Creating More Value Out of Your Social Media Likes

Creating More Value Out of Your Social Media Likes

Admit it. In the past year you have posted something on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or other social media platform with the hopes that it brought in a lot of likes. We all do it. No one wants to post and have the post sit there with no engagement. The important question however is – what are those likes worth?

On a personal page, likes are a way to tell a friend, “hey – you’re cool, and the stuff you like, I like too”.

On a business page, those likes have a different value.

Every time someone clicks like or double taps on an IG post, they are a potential brand ambassador, a possible client, and it is an opportunity to convert to a sale. So how do you make the most of that value?

Our 3 top tips for creating the most value out of your social media likes are:

1. BE SOCIAL! It is common sense, but you have to be social on social media. If someone likes a post you’ve put up, did you know you can invite them to like your page if they don’t already do so? Invite them, comment on their comment or on one of the photos on their page. The idea overall is to create a conversation and build it into a relationship.

2. Don’t sell. Once you create relationships, you don’t have to pitch or hard sell. You just converse. When you speak about your product or service with passion your dedicated fans will now listen, take interest and be quicker to take the next step to buy.

3. Stop with the corporate speak. Unless you’re using a spambot service to run your social media, it is done by a human being. Why does that human being speak like a robot? Stop using formal, professional verbiage on your social media. We don’t advise being crass or improper on social media, but creating a brand voice that consumers can relate to is going to increase engagement, impressions and overall visibility on social media for your company.

What other tips would you give to create more value in “likes”?

The Fab Five of the Week: Traveling Trolleys and Fall TV

It’s been busy for Mugsy PR these last few weeks and it’s about to get a lot busier and we’re excited about it! So before I continue my day, I want to take a break and share my Fab Five for this week!


1. First Day of School Fun: With Palm Beach County schools having started this week and Broward County starting next week, families are ready for a new year! Not only do I love back to school (and all the office supply sales), I love reminiscing about all the picture days when I went to school. Check out these 12 things everyone experienced on picture day. Which one do you identify with the most?


2. Whoa…That’s a Lot of RepeatingWe all have our favorite sayings and catch-phrases. One of mine is holy carpaccio (instead of saying holy crap when I’m in the presence of little ones). I wonder if I say it too much though? Check out this video of clips from Owen Wilson movies and how he repeats a few of the same things over and over in every film!

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.45.43 AM

3. Toasts, Tastes & Trolleys in Boca Raton: This year marks the 4th Annual Toasts, Tastes & Trolleys event hosted by and benefitting the Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum. Never been? You definitely should! The tour meets at the Boca Raton Resort & Club before attendees board a trolley for a fun ride to local restaurants to experience signature hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Grab your friends and ride around in style! And remember, all ticket sales benefit the Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum. Purchase tickets now!

Toasts Tastes Trolleys_cover

4. Getting Ready for Fall TVIt’s been a long summer hiatus without some of my favorite shows on. but the time is finally upon us! I myself am very excited for the new Hulu original Hot Wives of Orlando coming back and set in Vegas for Season 2. Take a look at these 5 new fall shows to get excited for as well.


5. Startup Conference Coming to TownThe StartUp Expo SUP-X is coming to the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center this upcoming February. This unique conference brings together startup and early-stage entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalist to mix and mingle with. Also included with be a startup competition offering 50 semi-finalist complimentary space in the event’s 50,000 square-foot exhibition hall alongside corporate sponsors. Have a startup? This will be the place to be!

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.02.40 PM