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It’s Like Having One Arm Tied Behind Your Back

PR is a tricky profession. You have to have a plan, know how to execute it and be ready for any eventuality that comes along. I have over 10 years of experience in PR (ugh…that hurt) with multiple industry experience. While you can always be prepared for any eventuality, you can still get hurt…just like in life.

Recently (well in February), I broke my arm…my right arm…my dominate arm. Needless to say, it sucked big time. I broke my arm in such a precarious location that it was misdiagnosed the first time. It also sucked (pardon my language) that it was at the very tip-top of my humorous bone (near the shoulder). What that means is that it couldn’t be put in a cast…just a sling. It was literally like having one arm tied behind my back. Only, it was more like having it sewn to my stomach.

Everything changed for about 3 months. Any way I used to do things had to change. I learned how to sign my name with my left hand. I learned how to type with one hand. I definitely utilized dictation more on my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong…there were still a lot of things I couldn’t do. I couldn’t drive my manual transmission car. I wasn’t allowed to walk my dog (for safety purposes obviously) and I honestly couldn’t really cook for myself – no chopping veggies, sautéing or baking a big meal…all of which requires two arms.

Fortunately, I was still able to adapt to this eventuality that I never saw coming. I hated it…but I adapted. And I realized it could have been much worse.

PR is somewhat similar to having one arm tied behind your back (or sewn to your stomach). Just when you get comfortable with how things work, something happens. You then have to figure out how to do everything you know in a different way. I won’t go as far to say, “It makes you stronger in the end.” But I will say that shit happens, and if you figure it out, you won.


Much-Needed Motivation at Work

There’s always those few tasks that are hard to get any employee to do. They’re either so mundane that you have to stand and work while completing them so you don’t fall asleep, or it’s a task that you know will interrupt your working groove so you just keep putting it off.

You know the type of work I’m talking about. But how do you motivate employees to make sure it’s done on time and done right? INCENTIVES! It’s almost like trying to motivate yourself to eat better…you make yourself do it by incentivizing yourself after awhile (i.e. after two weeks of eating vegetables at every meal you’ll buy yourself a new pair of shoes….for instance).

Here are some great ways to incentivize or reward your employees for doing great work.

Meal Time: There’s nothing like a free lunch to perk up your work day! If your team bands together to go above-and-beyond what the task required, reward them with a lunch outing to continue the celebration!

Early In…Early Out: Do you have that one employee that’s always in the office earlier than everyone else making sure all deadlines are met? Reward him or her with an early dismissal from work. Chances are, they’re an early-bird/morning person and would enjoy an afternoon to do their personal errands or just relax.

Over-Achievers: Don’t you love it when you assign a task to an employee with a certain goal and they just shatter right through it? ME TOO! To reward them, take a look at their social media profiles and find out where they like to shop or what they like to do for fun and get them a gift card that they’ll really appreciate and actually use. They worked hard for you so take the time to reward them with something they would actually want!

How do you reward your employees?


What Does #ThirstyThursday Mean to You?

If you know me at all, you know I am the queen of hydration. From water with lemon or cucumber, iced tea, diet soda and even coffee (only if I’m desperate)…I’ll drink it all!

Constantly throughout the day, I refill my Junior League of Boca Raton tumbler with hydration to get me through the day. The only problem is…well…you know. LOL

My question to you…what is your favorite beverage that keeps you hydrated while you’re working? 

To Do: Find the Best To Do List Organizers

At least ten times a day, twice a night and possibly once during a long shower, I update my to-do lists. And that is the bare minimum. If you’re anything like me, you may also have post-it notes (irl or on your laptop), a digital list in your phone notepad, something like Evernote or other apps to keep you organized…and you’re still trying to find the best way. Through lots of trial and error I have a pretty good system, and below are a few of my favorite organizational tool, but I’d love to hear yours too! Any tricks to keep the to-dos on track?

Wunderlist is one of my favorite list builders. I get great satisfaction from checking off the tasks and they are easy to share with others. (Available on Android and iOS).

GTasks syncs up perfectly with your Google calendar and you can easily set reminders. This used to have a lot of glitches but it seems to be fixed now. Combine it with Google Keep and you’ve got a solid set-up.

I mentioned it above, but I will say it again – GET EVERNOTE! It was recommended by our graphic designer and it is incredibly if you like putting pen to paper like I do. It turns everything digital for you. Gotta love that.

And when I jot something down in the middle of the night? This is my current favorite notepad:

Available at
Available at




Let me know your faves!

Oh, and if you need some help organizing your thoughts to put them down on the to do list – Unclutterer has some great tips for that too!

It’s That Time of Year…Back to School Time!

Tis’ the season for school to get back started and the world is a-buzz! From shopping for school supplies and uniforms to school open houses and teacher meet-and-greets, the first day of school will be here before you know it (if it hasn’t started already like some schools have today).


I personally love back to school time and I don’t even have kids! Last week I stocked up on sales and BOGO’s at Publix, checked out office supplies at Office Depot and did a little revamping of my wardrobe since tax free week started last Friday. It’s one of my favorite times of the year!


That being said, there are a few things that get a little annoying this time of year.

Here are a few of my favorite and least favorite back to school.


The Best of Back to School

1. Tax Free Week: From August 7-16, enjoy tax free week for buying clothes, school supplies and computers….talk about Yaye!

2. Adorable Pictures on Facebook: It’s become quite the tradition lately – parents taking pictures of their children on their first day of school with a sign of what grade they’re entering. I LOVE THESE PICTURES! They’re so adorable and I get to catch up on my friends’ and families’ kids and how much they’ve grown.

3. Brand New Office Supplies: When I was in school I loved shopping for school supplies and getting all new pencils, pens, backpacks and binders. As an adult, I love shopping for Mugsy PR office supplies! Emily and I use this time of year to take stock of our supplies and what we need for the office. Ink is usually at the top of the list, followed by more USBs, printing paper, envelopes and of course….the fun stuff like funky pens and bright notebooks!


The Worst of Back to School

1. The Change in Traffic Patterns: I get so used to how the traffic is during the summer without school zones and big yellow buses. Now it’s back to the usual traffic – except for the first two weeks that are usually a little more chaotic as we all try to adapt to a new routine.

2. Speed Traps: To be clear, I NEVER speed in school zones…it’s just not worth it. However, I may or may not hit the gas a little harder than usual (accidentally of course) when traveling in a pack of cars. Usually around this time of year, there are more police officers out with radar detectors and sometimes with 3 or 4 cars pulled over at one time. Be careful out there and don’t speed!

3. Fighting Over Paper: Although I love tax free week, I always feel bad fighting over paper and supplies with the excited teens and tots going back to class. They sure are lucky they’re adorably sweet kids because I always cave and give the supplies up…LOL.

The Ultimate in Work/Life Balance

We all have to do it – balance our work life and our home/social life. For me, the last few weeks have been a test in my ability to balance

If you follow me on Periscope or Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen the updates I’ve posted about my kitchen renovation. Here’s the kicker…we did it ourselves! The clearing out of ALL kitchen appliances and dishes, the demolition, the putting up of new cabinets and the painting…it was all the hubbs and I with the help of my dad acting as the foreman.

We did have a few surprises along the way – like finding out that the previous owners used an oil-based paint on the walls and ceiling that all needed to be pealed, scraped and pulled off…good times!

With deliveries scheduled during work hours and boxes stacked up in my home office, it definitely tested my work/life balance skills!

The good news is that I was able to do it all! My saving grace: organization and a dedicated home workspace. Any time I was tempted to go check on the progress of the kitchen, I just took another glance at my to-do list and calendar and thought, “it will still be there once I’m done with my work for the day!” Deliveries were definitely a bit of an annoyance, but we were lucky enough that every delivery arrived in the timeframe they said so I was able to plan around them.

Since I was able to do my balancing act, I was able to attend all meetings and conference calls, finalize reports and take care of client needs. There were more than a few early mornings or late nights, but everything got done…including most of the kitchen!



3 Ways To Kick Your Own Butt Into Gear

When you work in an office and you don’t feel good, you call in sick and get to take a day off. When you own the company and you wake up with the flu, you go to work anyways. Sure, your office may be the sofa and your suit might be pajamas, but it doesn’t make working when sick any easier. What do you do when you have no motivation, but still need to get work done? Here are the top three Mugsy PR tips (and one personal recipe) to kick your own butt into gear when you feel too sick to work.

1. Get Dressed. It is definitely easier to sit around in PJs all day when you are sick, but once you take a shower and get dressed you’ll automatically feel a little better. It is like tricking your body into thinking all is normal for a bit. Plus it is easier to slack off in flannel than it is in a pretty dress. You’ll feel more inspired to get things done, and maybe people won’t annoy you all day with the typical “aw, you look so sick!”.

2. Autopilot for the Day. Ok, so you’ve made it to the office or at least to your laptop on the sofa and you are ready to work. Do whatever is NEEDED to get done immediately while the cold medicine you took this morning is kicking in and you’re feeling on top of the world and not yet med-head loopy. Then go on auto pilot. Do all those small items that always need to get done, but you don’t have time to do because you’re busy doing important items on deadline. At the end of the day you will have accomplished a lot without expending a lot of energy or brain power. Success!

3. Treat Yourself. If you find yourself lacking in motivation mid day with a need for more medicine (or a nap), then treat yourself. Take the rest of the day off. You already did your important work in the morning. Can’t take time off? Get yourself your favorite type of coffee treat. Get a piece of cake at lunch. Go outside for a few minutes and treat yourself with some sunshine and fresh air. Ideally you’d go home and crawl into bed for a nap, but when that isn’t an option – give yourself a little incentive to get through the last couple of hours.

Hopefully that gets you through your day, but if you’re REALLY hurting and need to entertain after work as well (as we often do in PR), my final tip comes straight from experience. Stop at a grocery store and pick up Tumeric, Cumin, Cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper. Grab a whole lemon and honey as well. Mix together a qtr of a teaspoon of each spice and combine in an 8 oz. glass of boiling hot water. Squeeze in half a lemon and add honey for taste. Chug it because it isn’t awesome tasting cold, but I can guarantee you’ll make it through your after work obligations like a champ!