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Where in the World…

Where in the World…

We are IN season at Mugsy with team members all over the world this month. We just got back from Arkansas on Sunday and now today we have people in Florida, California, New York, Illinois, and Cannes.

While technology makes it easy to stay in touch with one another, when you’re up all hours and pitching to three different time zones, how do you stay organized with the full team, especially when you wake up in a hotel room in the middle of the night asking “where am I today?”.

Here at Mugsy we rely on Trello, Slack and Google Drive to keep on top of all work items and connect with one another while we are all on the road, and we ALL have an app on our phone that has all the international clocks so that we don’t accidentally call one another in the middle of the night.

We tend to stick to WhatsApp and email for conversations, Zoom for video chat and often messaging through Slack as well, but in the end you only know what you know, and we don’t know everything – so know it is YOUR turn.

What is new out there? What are we missing? What do YOU use to keep your team organized? We want to know! Leave a comment and let’s chat!

Client News for May 2019

Client News for May 2019

April seems to have breezed by and here we are facing May 1 already, and season is about to begin.

Whereas many businesses in South Florida slow down as summer approaches, some of the various industries we at Mugsy work within – marine, entertainment / film, and luxury lifestyle/ travel are just picking up.

There are some big things happening in May for Mugsy clients. Take a look at the wonderful madness of the month!

  • From May 7-11 our team will be at the Bentonville Film Festival with the amazing film Once Upon a River, having its Directorial Debut at the festival. SO excited to visit B.F.F. for the first time!
  • Concrete Beach Brewery is celebrating their Anniversary Week AND American Craft Beer Week in May – which you know means BIG parties and an even bigger beer release! Click HERE for ALL the info on the Anniversary Week Fun!
  • B.C. Tacos will have their new MF Taco (monthly featured) debuting tomorrow, along with a Coral Springs themed contest we are excited to launch.
  • Body Details is opening multiple new locations in the South Florida area and has an announcement we can’t talk about yet, but it is a big one!
  • Author Chris Clews has book number two coming and Author Alan Taffel has just about completed book three so there will be some summer releases coming down the line too!
  • Field of Flowers has approved some incredible summer integrations and experiential activities that we are in the midst of putting together. Come into the shop in May and check out the FlowerBar every Wednesday and Saturday morning – A NEW KIND OF HAPPY HOUR.
  • Patrick Knowles just launched a brand new website and has two new projects we are thrilled to represent this summer. Stay tuned for some fun video pieces coming in May for this luxury design firm.

Of course, these are just our clients with news for May as of today. With the speed in which PR, social media and experiential marketing changes, by mid-May, there will be more to report from these clients and more!

Stay tuned!



We have some big news – Mugsy PR is going through some pretty huge changes. Over the last few years we have been growing, adding new specialties and specialists, building up an incredible client roster and really coming into our own. We’ve come a long way and as we’ve evolved, we are no longer just public relations, so…(drum roll please)…this spring Mugsy PR will become “just” MUGSY – a full service communications and marketing firm.

Our services will remain the same (see the list below), but we’ve added more, we’re going to be doing a little re-branding and we will be shaking things up in true Mugsy style, while continuing to bring our Mugsy Madness to the masses of course!

Mugsy Client Services Include:

  • Strategic PR and Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Branding Packages
  • Website Development
  • Keynote Speaking & Panel Moderation
  • Interactive and Education Business Workshops
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Marketing 
  • Social Media Management & Content Coaching
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Advertising and Marketing 
  • Brand Building Consultation Packages 
  • And more!

If you’re looking for a new way to launch, grow or reinvigorate your business, send an email to and let’s talk about what we can do. 

Stay tuned to see what comes next for MUGSY!

Mugsy PR is Ready for 2019!

Mugsy PR is Ready for 2019!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time bringing in the year 2019. I spent it with friends down in Mizner Park, watching the ball drop at a bar and toasting in the new year with fun top hats and blow horns! Emily spent the it with her favorite man with her toes in the sand watching fireworks along the beach! I think it’s safe to say we both enjoyed our entry into 2019!

Let’s get this year started!

We’re excited to see what this year brings for Mugsy PR. Over the past 5 (well now 6 years), our company has evolved and grown in so many different ways. We expanded our amazing team with a kick-butt graphic designer and photographer, a master of paid social advertising and an amazing and details social media coordinator. Our client list has expanded to include the best in beer in Wynwood, the best of the best of laser hair removal and one of the world’s most favorite children’s cartoons! What’s next in 2019? I guess we’ll see!

We hope you had a wonderful end of your 2018 and a great beginning to your 2019. Here’s to a new year of great work…hopefully with you too!

The Wheels Have Come Off the Bus

The Wheels Have Come Off the Bus

With the holiday season right on top of us, it’s hard to resist the temptation of all the gifts of sweets friends, family and co-workers pass around. And why would you pass them up? They’re gifting you literal “sweet” gifts to show appreciation for the year you’ve shared together. 

The holidays equal sweets! And sometimes extra inches.  

The bad thing is that everything in and on your body is paying for it. Your clothes are getting tighter, your fingers are expanding and your shoes aren’t fitting quite as well as they did before. I do realize this doesn’t happen to everyone – especially if you’re still young and have some self control and willpower. However, when you reach my age (which a reached a new age this weekend), things seem to get more dramatic! LOL. 

I’m officially giving myself one week off since we’re officially one week from Christmas. After that, I’m getting back into my fighting shape…eating right, working out, getting up early and getting back to my brainstorming/meditation routine. It almost seems like this would be somewhat of a New Year’s resolution, but my focus is getting into that before the actual new year starts! 

My question to you: do your wheels fall off the bus around this time of the year? And if so, which way do they go? The way of not eating well, not exercising, not finishing work on deadline? We want to know! 

Does Your Site Need to be ADA Compliant?

Does Your Site Need to be ADA Compliant?

Last year some big names in business faced, and lost, lawsuits over the ADA accessibility of their websites. While Winn-Dixie paid a pretty penny for their mistake, it helped other business owners realize they needed to take notice and make some changes to their own sites. New laws passed in 2018 about website ADA compliance haven’t really been very straight forward about who needs an ADA accessible site – and what that even truly means.

No worries! Our web developers at Mugsy have been working to create, revamp and fix sites for companies across the country to ensure they are compliant, and they’ve broken down all the info you need to know below, and of course, if you’d like help with your site to ensure it’s ADA certified, we’d be happy to help (


ADA, short for the Americans with Disabilities Act, prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Most of you have heard of buildings and businesses (particularly those with 15 employees or more) needing to make their locations accessible with ramps, hand bars in the bathroom, and accommodations as such.

However, with the internet being the way that so many of us do business, the digital landscape is now under the same set of laws as off-line components of a business, and any company considered a “public accommodation” needs an ADA compliant web presence.


What is a “public accommodation” business? At first this was defined as government organizations, however it has now expanded to cover medical, law, hospitality and property management companies as well. Through 2018 lawsuits have also been reaching into other B2C businesses including retail (like in the case of Winn Dixie), particularly when the site is heavily integrated into the physical presence of the business.


There are numerous tests you can run online to find out if your site is ADA compliant, and if it is not, how many errors or items on the site need fixing. Some items that all ADA compliant sites require include:

  • Navigation accessibility with screen reader technology and keyboard navigation to all pages of the site
  • Text with a minimum contrast ratio against the background
  • Alt text for photos and video on the site
  • Text scaling up to 200% available on the site
  • And more!

Here at Mugsy we recommend using WAVE to test your site. It will give you a checklist of all your needs. There are many automated online tools that will help you catch a lot of smaller issues. If you want to ensure you are meeting all requirements or need help with a bigger revamp on your site, there are developers specializing in ADA compliance, including our web team here at Mugsy PR.

If you’d like a consultation on your website’s ADA compliance, please send us an email at and our developers will get in touch to help ensure your site is up-to-code and out of danger.