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Experiential Marketing Takeaways from Biz Bash Live

Experiential Marketing Takeaways from Biz Bash Live

We had such a phenomenal time at this year’s Biz Bash Live at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center last week. As speakers this year, we had access to the Master Classes and well as the workshops and the main floor, and we learned so much, we can’t wait to show you through our client events! If you couldn’t make it to Biz Bash, but were still interested in finding out more about our topic – The New Wave of Experiential Marketing, here are the six main takeaways from our presentation:

  1. Know Your Customer. You can’t create an experience that will speak to your target audience unless you REALLY know them. Get rid of pre-conceived notions, people are changing. Change with them.
  2. Think Sustainable. Don’t just spend money. Spend it wisely on experiences that are able to scale and that truly engage your audience and keep them talking long after they leave.
  3. Stay Organic and Authentic. Stay true to your brand in all your do. If you’re true to you – your tribe of brand ambassadors will be drawn to that too!
  4. Keep It Immersive. Focus every experience on the 5 senses, from the website to offline and online touch points before, during and after the event as well.
  5. Provide Multiple Online and Offline Touch Points. Touch points are what we call all the experiences your potential attendees / consumers will have their hand, ears, eyes, nose, etc on. This includes digital and offline pieces.
  6. Leave Them with the Feels. The best way to get people to talk about your event is to get them to FEEL something while there. If they have an emotional attachment they create stories. Stories become memories. Memories = lifetime word of mouth for your event!

If you have more questions about experiential marketing and how it can work for your business, email us at We are happy to help you develop some incredible experiences for your audience!

Let’s Talk About YOU

Let’s Talk About YOU

Feeling stuck in your business? Maybe you know you can be doing something different but you just aren’t sure what? We’ve all been there, and sometimes, all you need is a new set of eyes. When those eyes belong to the team at Mugsy PR – you’re in good hands.

We have new programs, workshops and consultation programs designed for everyone from local performers to national corporations. If you see something you’re interested in – just email us and we can set it up for you so you can break out of your box and learn how to take your personal brand of business publicity to the next level.  Our brochure is below but if you can’t see the image, or you want to discuss more details, just email us at

Mugsy Speaks at Next NoBe Mixer – Tuesday, December 8th

Mugsy Speaks at Next NoBe Mixer – Tuesday, December 8th

It’s official…Mugsy’s on the Move again! Next week, we’ll be speaking at the NoBe Mixer in Miami Beach at Roni’s By The Ocean!

Emily and I will be talking about how to brand your company so it properly reflects what you do and your company personality. If you know anything about us, we’ll be adding our own Mugsy flair to the seminar…per usual!

It’s free to attend so be sure to register today! Email or go to the Florida Business Workshops website to register.

We’ll see you there!

The Multiple Email Marketing Platforms

The Multiple Email Marketing Platforms

We all know that email marketing is an important part of a marketing and branding campaign. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, “Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States.”

Another astounding statistic about email marketing from ExactTarget – “70% of people say they always open emails from their favorite companies.”

If you’re not taking part in direct email, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity when it comes to your marketing campaign. The best part is that you now have multiple choices when it comes to finding the perfect email platform for your brand. Remember, while many of these email platforms have the same email marketing functions, it’s all about the one what you work the best with and works best for your brand.


Here are a few of the platforms we have worked with and why we like them:

1. MailChimp: Mugsy PR has a lot of experience with MailChimp. One of the main things we like about it is the cute little monkey mascot (just kidding!). But seriously, we like how easy it is to import content for each campaign. It’s also exceptionally easy to create an email opt-in form to incorporate on your website and Facebook page.

2. Constant Contact: Just like MailChimp, you can customize your own content (copy and paste over from a word document) and also customize your template to be any design. One of the great things about Constant Contact is that you will have your own personal marketing manager. If you have any questions regarding your template, mailing lists, content or how to integrate email sign-ups on your site, they are just an easy phone call away!

3. Robly: Robly is something new to me as I use it weekly for a non-profit I help. Since it’s a non-profit, it’s easy to customize a template by dragging and dropping certain boxes (text boxes, image boxes, text/image boxes, etc.) into an email. They also make it very easy to duplicate a previously used email and change the content and add different elements.

4. Vertical Response: This email platform is also a social media platform, which is something that always catches the eye of Mugsy PR. Since we are primarily and publicity and social media firm, this platform is one that coincides with our business model (both for Mugsy and our clients). Another great feature is that it’s absolutely free to start (no need to put down a credit card). Then, as your list grows, you can either pay monthly or as-you-go.


Each email platform is great and you’ll personally and professional identify with one over the other. You can also have a customized email platform designed just for your company.

Remember: “You have just 3-4 seconds to grab your readers’ attention and interest them enough to open and read your email.” (Litmus) … MAKE IT COUNT!