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How to Become an “Overnight Success”

On Monday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Tuesday, I wake up stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Wednesday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Thursday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Friday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. It feels like nothing ever changes. It feels monotonous and repetitive like the days just meld together and there’s no end in sight. You look back on every day and see no progress. You start searching further and further back and start trying to compare then to now. 

That’s when you realize that you have built up and doubled your followers since the beginning of the year. You realize that you have an efficient system that you have built over the past 365 days. You have Top Fans that you look forward to interacting with everyday. That’s when you realize the daily repetitive grind has built up to the goals you had at the beginning of the year. Spontaneity is wonderful, but consistency pays the bills. Success is never truly an overnight endeavor but something that takes time to build. That’s what the daily grind is. 

The day to day is where you “pay your dues”. This is where you develop your own patterns, style and voice. You find what works and what doesn’t work by testing it week after week. Maybe the hashtags didn’t work on Tuesday, but Friday you find something that changes how you approach your campaign and engagement starts booming. Perhaps a week of pitching was met with crickets from the media, but the Monday afterwards you got that feature story. Ever have writer’s block? After time, you’ll figure out how to say what you want to say. You’ll notice that your sentences become more concise as you are able to speak your thoughts clearer. You’ll develop a strategy, and eventually you will know what fits and what falls flat. By the end of the year, you’ll have your routine. So when the grind gets monotonous, just remember that these are the days that lead to the “overnight success”.

Just don’t forget, every once in a while…break up the daily with something a little crazy. 😉

Mugsy PR is Ready for 2019!

Mugsy PR is Ready for 2019!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time bringing in the year 2019. I spent it with friends down in Mizner Park, watching the ball drop at a bar and toasting in the new year with fun top hats and blow horns! Emily spent the it with her favorite man with her toes in the sand watching fireworks along the beach! I think it’s safe to say we both enjoyed our entry into 2019!

Let’s get this year started!

We’re excited to see what this year brings for Mugsy PR. Over the past 5 (well now 6 years), our company has evolved and grown in so many different ways. We expanded our amazing team with a kick-butt graphic designer and photographer, a master of paid social advertising and an amazing and details social media coordinator. Our client list has expanded to include the best in beer in Wynwood, the best of the best of laser hair removal and one of the world’s most favorite children’s cartoons! What’s next in 2019? I guess we’ll see!

We hope you had a wonderful end of your 2018 and a great beginning to your 2019. Here’s to a new year of great work…hopefully with you too!

The Wheels Have Come Off the Bus

The Wheels Have Come Off the Bus

With the holiday season right on top of us, it’s hard to resist the temptation of all the gifts of sweets friends, family and co-workers pass around. And why would you pass them up? They’re gifting you literal “sweet” gifts to show appreciation for the year you’ve shared together. 

The holidays equal sweets! And sometimes extra inches.  

The bad thing is that everything in and on your body is paying for it. Your clothes are getting tighter, your fingers are expanding and your shoes aren’t fitting quite as well as they did before. I do realize this doesn’t happen to everyone – especially if you’re still young and have some self control and willpower. However, when you reach my age (which a reached a new age this weekend), things seem to get more dramatic! LOL. 

I’m officially giving myself one week off since we’re officially one week from Christmas. After that, I’m getting back into my fighting shape…eating right, working out, getting up early and getting back to my brainstorming/meditation routine. It almost seems like this would be somewhat of a New Year’s resolution, but my focus is getting into that before the actual new year starts! 

My question to you: do your wheels fall off the bus around this time of the year? And if so, which way do they go? The way of not eating well, not exercising, not finishing work on deadline? We want to know! 

Holiday Shopping: Go Getter or Procrastinator

Holiday Shopping: Go Getter or Procrastinator

This is crazy! This weekend will be December…the holiday season…the end of the year. Wasn’t it just summer like two days ago? (And I’m not just saying that because the weather got cooler two days ago…lol).

I want to talk about your holiday shopping regimen. Are you one of those people that has all their holiday shopping done by October? Do you wait until December 23rd to even get started? Are you a regifter? Do you make gifts, buy gifts, or send e-gifts? Geeze…after asking all those questions I may feel even more overwhelmed about this holiday season! 🙂

My usually holiday shopping routine consists of shopping early (mostly online), having gifts shipped to me or picking them up at the store and then procrastinating on the wrapping of the gifts. All-in-all, a very well-rounded approach to the season of giving in my opinion! However, this year I feel like the season has completely snuck up on my this year and I’m way behind the 8-ball.

The good news is that I’ve seen a change in the retail industry as well. Instead of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and then Cyber Monday, it seems it’s now all on sale all the time! It seems retail is taking drastic measure to get you into their store or onto their website. I mean, it’s the Thursday after Thanksgiving and my email is still getting flooded with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

This is all good news for me since I’m somewhat procrastinating this year, but it makes me think of how the retain industry has changed so much. How many of you have a fully stocked Amazon cart like I do? I mean who needs to shop at various stores or on various sites when you can compare each price to the same product on I’ll admit that Amazon is very convenient, but it does make me a little worried about what’s going to happen to all the retail stores. There are already so many vacant and storefronts – even entire shopping plazas are on life support.

Who knows, maybe this year I’ll get my booty in gear and take advantage of all the extended sales retailers and websites are offering. Then again, I’m already behind and procrastinating so I guess time will be the ultimate deciding factor.


How do you holiday shop?

Talking Politics in the Workplace

Talking Politics in the Workplace

Tomorrow is Election Day and if you didn’t get to the polls during early voting, tomorrow is a very important day! I myself am actually really excited for the 24 hour coverage to begin tomorrow! This is a very important civic duty that everyone should care about – no matter your party affiliation. Election Day to me is always a very exciting day…seeing how everyone votes on both the candidates and the issues in their communities.

All that aside, I usually keep my excitement for Election Day, my party affiliation and political talk in general to a minimum when in the workplace. I’m not saying you have to cease and desist all politics talk (that obviously depends on your office and their policies), but being “politically correct” at work is definitely a good idea. So I have a couple Do’s and Don’t’s to share to help you with the big Election Day work politics.

  • Do: Check your employee handbook to make sure you can talk politics
  • Don’t: Think that just because you’re “off the clock” it’s okay when with coworkers
  • Do: Make sure you’re being considerate of all viewpoints
  • Don’t: Talk about the really heated issues
  • Do: Know when to stop the conversation and remain friends

Hopefully this helps get you through your Election Day work day tomorrow – especially if you have TVs in the office! Get out and VOTE!

Mid-Week Break: Getting Ready for the 4th of July

Mid-Week Break: Getting Ready for the 4th of July

It’s time for a celebration this week! Independence Day is this Wednesday – in the middle of a workweek. I think it’s kind of nice to have a mid-week break from a regular work week…two days to hit it hard, a break and then two more days to get things done. But what do you think? Would you rather have a long weekend to celebrate the holiday or do you also like the idea of a mid-week break?

4th of July Activities

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays…mainly because it’s in the Summer – my favorite season. I think you all know by now that I’m a big beach and pool person. If I could go everyday, all day I would! So you can bet that’s where I’ll be on Wednesday!

I like to do a lot on Independence Day to really celebrate being independent. Some of the additional activities I like to include:

  • kayaking/paddle boarding
  • grilling out with neighbors and friends
  • dressing up in my favorite red, white and blue clothes/bathing suits
  • watching fireworks from the roof

What do you have planned to celebrate Independence Day?