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Experiential Marketing Takeaways from Biz Bash Live

Experiential Marketing Takeaways from Biz Bash Live

We had such a phenomenal time at this year’s Biz Bash Live at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center last week. As speakers this year, we had access to the Master Classes and well as the workshops and the main floor, and we learned so much, we can’t wait to show you through our client events! If you couldn’t make it to Biz Bash, but were still interested in finding out more about our topic – The New Wave of Experiential Marketing, here are the six main takeaways from our presentation:

  1. Know Your Customer. You can’t create an experience that will speak to your target audience unless you REALLY know them. Get rid of pre-conceived notions, people are changing. Change with them.
  2. Think Sustainable. Don’t just spend money. Spend it wisely on experiences that are able to scale and that truly engage your audience and keep them talking long after they leave.
  3. Stay Organic and Authentic. Stay true to your brand in all your do. If you’re true to you – your tribe of brand ambassadors will be drawn to that too!
  4. Keep It Immersive. Focus every experience on the 5 senses, from the website to offline and online touch points before, during and after the event as well.
  5. Provide Multiple Online and Offline Touch Points. Touch points are what we call all the experiences your potential attendees / consumers will have their hand, ears, eyes, nose, etc on. This includes digital and offline pieces.
  6. Leave Them with the Feels. The best way to get people to talk about your event is to get them to FEEL something while there. If they have an emotional attachment they create stories. Stories become memories. Memories = lifetime word of mouth for your event!

If you have more questions about experiential marketing and how it can work for your business, email us at We are happy to help you develop some incredible experiences for your audience!

Still Re-Scheduling from Hurricane Irma

Still Re-Scheduling from Hurricane Irma

Here in South Florida, we’re still feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma. While (fortunately) we are all okay, our calendars are still trying to get back on track.

While school was cancelled for a week, many events in the area were rescheduled and/or postponed. For Mugsy PR, it was a race to inform the media of the change of date and re-book TV interviews with clients. Luckily, once we got power back, we quickly got our internet back as well and were able to spread the news!

The 6th Annual Toasts, Tastes & Trolleys event in Boca Raton was one of our client events that was postponed from September 15th to October 6th. This is a really fun event that benefits the Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum. Starting at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, attendees board a trolley and are toured around Boca Raton to 5 different restaurants for signature cocktails and unique bites at each location. The trolleys then head back to the Boca Raton Resort for dessert and dancing!

If you’re looking for something to help you beat the post-hurricane blues, this is a fun event to help you do just that! Purchase your tickets today or visit for more information.

Getting Ready for Social Media Day South Florida!

Getting Ready for Social Media Day South Florida!

Here at Mugsy PR, we’re getting ready for one of the social media events of the season in South Florida – Social Media Day South Florida (#SMDAYSFL).

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.53.40 PM

Emily and I will be speaking about the importance of turning Social Media Friends into Brand Besties!

This year’s event promises to be a great one with renowned speakers from exciting companies like Ford and Lincoln Motor Company, Florida International University, Social Media Sass and 10 Golden Rules …of course in addition to Mugsy PR!

Find the schedule for #SMDAYSFL on their website to learn more about the speakers that will presenting.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, hurry up! It’s filling up quickly! Buy your Social media South Florida tickets before they’re all sold out and be sure to attend  our 3:30pm presentation!

See you Sunday!





How to Throw an Event People Actually Want to Attend

How many event invites do you get per month, week or even daily?! Which of those many invitations actually catch your attention?

At Mugsy PR, we have a lot of experience promoting events through social media and PR and know how to make an event stand out from the others.

See our tips for how you can BYOB (Bring Your Own Branding) when it comes to throwing a must-attend event!