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How to Become an “Overnight Success”

On Monday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Tuesday, I wake up stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Wednesday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Thursday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. On Friday, I wake up, stretch, work out, play with my dog, review social media, and check my emails. It feels like nothing ever changes. It feels monotonous and repetitive like the days just meld together and there’s no end in sight. You look back on every day and see no progress. You start searching further and further back and start trying to compare then to now. 

That’s when you realize that you have built up and doubled your followers since the beginning of the year. You realize that you have an efficient system that you have built over the past 365 days. You have Top Fans that you look forward to interacting with everyday. That’s when you realize the daily repetitive grind has built up to the goals you had at the beginning of the year. Spontaneity is wonderful, but consistency pays the bills. Success is never truly an overnight endeavor but something that takes time to build. That’s what the daily grind is. 

The day to day is where you “pay your dues”. This is where you develop your own patterns, style and voice. You find what works and what doesn’t work by testing it week after week. Maybe the hashtags didn’t work on Tuesday, but Friday you find something that changes how you approach your campaign and engagement starts booming. Perhaps a week of pitching was met with crickets from the media, but the Monday afterwards you got that feature story. Ever have writer’s block? After time, you’ll figure out how to say what you want to say. You’ll notice that your sentences become more concise as you are able to speak your thoughts clearer. You’ll develop a strategy, and eventually you will know what fits and what falls flat. By the end of the year, you’ll have your routine. So when the grind gets monotonous, just remember that these are the days that lead to the “overnight success”.

Just don’t forget, every once in a while…break up the daily with something a little crazy. 😉

Movies That Inspire Us at Work

Movies That Inspire Us at Work

Movies have the ability to bring us on a rollercoaster ride of emotion so intense we laugh, we cry, and sometimes we even need a nap after. And sometimes – they can also bring out the beast of inspiration. Movies can have an impact that lasts for a lifetime, and while we have so many conversations in the office,  this has been one of my favorites, which is why I asked to write this post. The question was asked about what movie makes us want to work harder and do better and the answers were as eclectic as our group is.

Image courtesy of IMDB.


A true movie buff, she’s been making a list of “must watch films” for me for years that we have slowly been checking off, yet rapidly adding to as well, but when asked for the most inspiring movie, she said “Chef” without hesitation. A beautiful movie showing how a person with enough passion (and a rough enough day) can create something beautiful.

PS Although Chef is her inspiring movie, she constantly says Mugsy wouldn’t exist with We Bought a Zoo and “twenty seconds of courage”.

“The movie that makes me inspired at work is The First Wives Club. This fierce group of college best friends who went their separate ways in life were brought back together by tragedy. As they were reconnecting, they realized each of them had a unique talent or skill that would be beneficial in helping women like themselves, and the friend they lost. It rekindled their friendship, and they created something amazing as a legacy to their friendship. I always strive to find that kind of passion in all the work I do.“

Image courtesy of IMDB.

Image courtesy of IMDB.


When asked this question, he immediately jumped at Back to the Future. His point was that it shows how your actions today build on your future. The better work we do now, the further we can push our ourselves down the road! Such a great point!

The Devil Wears Prada has so many levels of possible inspiration. If you look at the plot of the movie and how one person can endure so much with passion and tenacity as the only driving force, nothing could stop you in the business world. If you look at the quality of the writing and acting, it sets a high standard that can be achieved. No matter how you view this movie it is a great one!

Image courtesy of IMDB.

Image courtesy of IMDB.


The most surprising (but my favorite) entry on this list was Hitch. I used to watch this movie on repeat, and there’s this scene when Hitch realizes that the truth in his own advice, “They want the real you.” Applied to every day and every aspect alone it is a great inspiration to be AUTHENTIC in all you do (the motto here at Mugsy). But that’s not why Ryan chose it. He says that he applies the dating advice Hitch gives into his everyday interactions with people. Totally explains why clients say he’s so likeable!

Now it's Your turn!

Share your favorite, most work-inspiring movie in the coments, and I will share mine too!