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How Did the Books You Read As a Kid Shape Your Career?

How Did the Books You Read As a Kid Shape Your Career?

What was your favorite book when you were a kid? I have always been an avid reader. When I was little and didn’t want to nap my mom would put me in my crib with books so I would keep myself amused. To this day I often read several books at a time. Lately it has been a lot of business books, but for Read Across America (March 2, 2019) I was reading with my littles and started thinking about the books from my childhood that may have shaped my career. There are so many lessons to be learned from children’s lit!

1. The Poky Little Puppy. I don’t know if this book inspired my curious and sometimes a little mischievous nature, but I was always the kid, and the adult, who got outside the fence and went exploring. Sometimes in business you have to beg forgiveness instead of asking for permission and when you do it right you don’t need forgiveness because your shenanigans turn into successes!

2. The Lorax. Since March 2 is also Dr. Suess’ birthday it is only appropriate that I had to include one of his amazing books. The Lorax was always inspirational to me because he spoke for the trees when they couldn’t speak for themselves. Learning to use my voice to speak about what I believe in is what has gotten me into PR, public speaking and helped through life overall.

3. Madeline. Always a favorite series of mine, as a child I loved Madeline, but as an adult I realize how much you can learn from Miss Clavel. She took care of 12 little girls, with outspoken little Madeline among them, and you never saw her freak out. She was cool under pressure, even when waking in the middle of the night because “something is not right”. Spoken like a true publicist lol.

I could go on and on from Charlotte’s Web and The Giving Tree to The Little Prince and Caps for Sale, Bony-Legs, and EVERYTHING from Shel Silverstein, and more, but now it is your turn. Tell me the children’s book that inspires a lesson for you in your career too! 



We have some big news – Mugsy PR is going through some pretty huge changes. Over the last few years we have been growing, adding new specialties and specialists, building up an incredible client roster and really coming into our own. We’ve come a long way and as we’ve evolved, we are no longer just public relations, so…(drum roll please)…this spring Mugsy PR will become “just” MUGSY – a full service communications and marketing firm.

Our services will remain the same (see the list below), but we’ve added more, we’re going to be doing a little re-branding and we will be shaking things up in true Mugsy style, while continuing to bring our Mugsy Madness to the masses of course!

Mugsy Client Services Include:

  • Strategic PR and Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Branding Packages
  • Website Development
  • Keynote Speaking & Panel Moderation
  • Interactive and Education Business Workshops
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Marketing 
  • Social Media Management & Content Coaching
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Advertising and Marketing 
  • Brand Building Consultation Packages 
  • And more!

If you’re looking for a new way to launch, grow or reinvigorate your business, send an email to and let’s talk about what we can do. 

Stay tuned to see what comes next for MUGSY!

How do you face your fears?

How do you face your fears?

So it feels like the entire world has been talking about Bird Box on Netflix lately, and I had heard a lot of mixed reviews so I needed to check it out for myself. While I enjoyed the anxiety filled ride that the film brought me on, I can fully understand why a lot of people hated it, but I think the most important piece of the movie was showing how important it is to take risks and face your fears.

In Bird Box they avoided their fears with blindfolds, but in real life we would look crazy, but the concept in the movie stands true – our brain can be our worst enemy.

Think about it this way – have you ever been faced with a new challenge or an opportunity that you could be so successful at, that it is scary? The unknown is a frightening thing for most people, and it comes down to fight or flight – do you take a risk and face the fears?

If you never face the unknown, it is definitely less scary. You just stay comfortable (or in the case of Bird Box, uncomfortable but inside), but you unwittingly also avoid the success that you could have.

I tend to be a bit of a risk taker who leaps in (movie spoiler without spoiling – I would probably volunteer to look), but I am petrified the entire time. I am chill on the outside and a ball of anxieties within – the epitome of the “this is fine” meme. And often when the day is done I would find myself in bed awake all night stressing about the unknown what-ifs. This is NOT the right way either.

There is a lot of good advice out there on how to face the fears, quiet your anxieties and find success. Below are three tips that have really started to help for me and I would love to hear yours too!

  1. Keep a list of your anxieties. Write them down. Then look back in a week, a month, a year, etc. You will start to see that 90% of the things you thought were going to happen didn’t and you spent precious time worrying about things that never even came to fruition. The more I track it the more I realize that so much of it is totally unwarranted and I have been able to let things go more easily.
  2. I still haven’t learned to stay in the moment enough to totally not worry about future what-if’s, but I read that it would help to tell myself that it is OK to do nothing at the moment. When you lay your head down at night, give yourself the permission to relax. Tell yourself you have done everything you can in one day, it is time to sleep and restart again tomorrow. And then give yourself a “fun task” to think about while falling asleep. For instance, I try to think of new ways to decorate a client’s office space. Since it isn’t my space I have more fun with it with less stress and it occupies my mind while I drift to dreamland.
  3. Finally, I think many times the unknown feels so scary because we are all internally trying to control our own lives, and we can’t even begin to control something we don’t know. In the film there was a lot of control issues at play as well and everyone had to very quickly let those go. But when not involved in a harrowing situation – what can you do? I try to combat it by finding something I CAN control. I will organize the files on my computer, clean out my purses, schedule my next months worth of yoga classes, and I write a LOT of to-do lists and project lists and such. Whatever works for you, showing yourself that you are responsible in one area can give you confidence in another and it will help keep your mind off the what-ifs for a while by telling your brain “Hey – I’ve got this”

Are you a risk taker or do you tend to stick to your comfort zone? What tips do you have for facing your fears? I would love to hear them!

What’s Upcoming for 2019?

As the year comes to a close we are already pitching long lead magazines for their Feb/March issues and looking ahead into 2019. While we look at the year ahead we are looking at what WE need to bring to the table to help our clients bring their brands to the next level. What is upcoming for Mugsy in the next year? 

  1. Development of more micro-influencer events
  2. Increased integration of A.R. and V.R. into press outreach
  3. More measurements for R.O.I. for clients to see the true value of PR
  4. Development of stronger media relationships for more OFFLINE contact
  5. Use of automated tools for administrative work to allow us more time for client content curation and community management

We also look forward to bringing the unique Mugsy brand of seminars, workshops and presentations to companies and events across the country in 2019! Find out more about what we offer as keynote speakers, corporate trainers and publicists / social media strategists by visiting the Mugsy PR website or contacting us at 

Does Your Site Need to be ADA Compliant?

Does Your Site Need to be ADA Compliant?

Last year some big names in business faced, and lost, lawsuits over the ADA accessibility of their websites. While Winn-Dixie paid a pretty penny for their mistake, it helped other business owners realize they needed to take notice and make some changes to their own sites. New laws passed in 2018 about website ADA compliance haven’t really been very straight forward about who needs an ADA accessible site – and what that even truly means.

No worries! Our web developers at Mugsy have been working to create, revamp and fix sites for companies across the country to ensure they are compliant, and they’ve broken down all the info you need to know below, and of course, if you’d like help with your site to ensure it’s ADA certified, we’d be happy to help (


ADA, short for the Americans with Disabilities Act, prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Most of you have heard of buildings and businesses (particularly those with 15 employees or more) needing to make their locations accessible with ramps, hand bars in the bathroom, and accommodations as such.

However, with the internet being the way that so many of us do business, the digital landscape is now under the same set of laws as off-line components of a business, and any company considered a “public accommodation” needs an ADA compliant web presence.


What is a “public accommodation” business? At first this was defined as government organizations, however it has now expanded to cover medical, law, hospitality and property management companies as well. Through 2018 lawsuits have also been reaching into other B2C businesses including retail (like in the case of Winn Dixie), particularly when the site is heavily integrated into the physical presence of the business.


There are numerous tests you can run online to find out if your site is ADA compliant, and if it is not, how many errors or items on the site need fixing. Some items that all ADA compliant sites require include:

  • Navigation accessibility with screen reader technology and keyboard navigation to all pages of the site
  • Text with a minimum contrast ratio against the background
  • Alt text for photos and video on the site
  • Text scaling up to 200% available on the site
  • And more!

Here at Mugsy we recommend using WAVE to test your site. It will give you a checklist of all your needs. There are many automated online tools that will help you catch a lot of smaller issues. If you want to ensure you are meeting all requirements or need help with a bigger revamp on your site, there are developers specializing in ADA compliance, including our web team here at Mugsy PR.

If you’d like a consultation on your website’s ADA compliance, please send us an email at and our developers will get in touch to help ensure your site is up-to-code and out of danger.