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To Message or Not To Message, That is the Question

To Message or Not To Message, That is the Question

With people being more accessible than ever today, it is also definitely more important than ever to set up boundaries for communication, particularly in the workplace. When employees, clients, media, marketing reps and others (not to mention family & friends) can reach you on emails, text, Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, iMessage, and, of course, the phone call – accessibility becomes stressful. Each means of communication has perks and downfalls, and we think there needs to be rules laid out for each! 

Phone Call: Ah, the trusty phone call. You get to hear the excitement (or disappointment) in the person’s voice. Other than meeting someone face to face it is the most personal of all communications, and scheduled, a phone call can be the most efficient form of communication. But sometimes, an unscheduled phone call can interrupt the work flow of the day. In order to not be rude, you give your attention to the person on the phone, but that can take attention away from something you were working on. Once set off track, it can be hard to go right back to work. We are often on phone calls throughout the day with media and with clients so we truly appreciate when someone schedules a call instead of just giving us a ring. It works well for everyone! 

Messages/iMessage/WhatsApp: These are probably the most accepted form of communication these days. People use text messages to share short notes, directions, love letters, apologies, check ins and everything in between. It’s an efficient way to let someone know both what you want for dinner, and that you are late for said dinner. It is also a plus (and sometimes a negative…) that the receiver has the option to answer at their leisure. While there is little pressure when it comes to texting or messaging apps, you don’t hear someone’s tone which can sometimes cause confusion and even arguments. Also, the lack of pressure to answer the messages can lead to forgetting a message or, even worse, the ever confusing ghosting! We LOVE WhatsApp for communication with our international clients and file transfers and use it consistently with clients. 

Social Media: Social Media iis probably the easiest form of communication today. All you need is someone’s name and you can “slide into their DM’s”. Most forms of social media make it easy to share media, news articles, thoughts, etc, and hey, if you have a ground-breaking thought, you are one step away from sharing it with the world. There’s almost no formality to social media. Messages can come and go without introductions. Here at Mugsy we try to keep social media just that – social. We use it within our group to share fun items and news links for client pages, but we do not use social as a way for clients to reach us. Too much information gets lost when there are too many forms of communication!

Which brings us to…

Email: At Mugsy this is the #1 way to get in touch with us. One email goes to the entire team and someone will quickly get to it – IF the email needs a quick response. We LOVE when people use email to reach us. Overall it is probably the only form of communication that you can use 24/7 without disrupting the receiver. It is nowadays acceptable for all forms of communication. Long lost friends? Email is perfect! Short work blurbs? Email them. Idea in the middle of the night but don’t want to wake a friend? Email! It’s always acceptable, but it’s also the least personal of all. Email, in the psyche, is still closely related to work. 

Of all forms of communication at Mugsy, we prefer email above all. It keeps files in one spot, everything is in writing so miscommunications don’t happen as often. Sometimes it can feel like an invasion of time off when we get texts, Whatsapp and messages come through on our phones early in the morning or late at night, but we NEVER mind an off hours email! And hey – if we’re up and working we may even write you back too!

What’s Been Going On

What’s Been Going On

Mugsy has been under a bit of a dark cloud lately. My father passed away this month as my dog (my fur baby of 16 years), some of our other staff has family in the hospital or have been sick themselves and it has simply been a rough start to a busy season. We have worked hard to keep client work moving despite all the issues and all things considered the team has really come through and proven how absolutely amazing it really is.

It used to be just one “Mugsy”, then we were the Mugsy 4, but we’ve grown to 10 talented and incredible staff members and every single person came through during the hard times, proving how much this team will have to celebrate in the good times.

What kept us going? Below is what we’ve focused on to get through the month. We’d love to hear your techniques for when you’re feeling less motivated and inspired than usual too! Tell us in the comments below.

Mugsy Motivation

1. An emergency plan. There is nothing more motivational than having a plan. Knowing what needs to be done step-by-step and who needs to do it is key when situations are out of the ordinary. We are a small firm but we have a hurricane plan, a holiday plan (we close during Christmas to New Years but keep client work going), and when my dad got sick with cancer we made the inevitable “when Emily is out of the office for an extended period of time” plan. It worked and we accomplished more than anyone could imagine over the last few weeks despite it all.

2. A New Office. Kind of like after a break-up when you cut your hair, we decided in August that a new office was in order. We’ve grown and we need the space, and the universe handed us a beautiful one. We move in this week and we are so excited. It has definitely been a big motivation to keep the work going. Now I don’t think everyone should run out and move when they hit a slump, but a change – perhaps a somewhat big one – might just be what is needed to get your team going again. We also highly recommend escape rooms. We represent an incredible one in Boca Raton, but I am sure there are plenty by you too. It’s a great team building activity that gets everyone working together while having some fun.

3. Our Clients. Our motto at Mugsy is to NEVER work with clients we don’t like and respect and whose personalities are a good match for what we do here. We don’t take on accounts just for the money and we vet our clients thoroughly before signing long term contracts to ensure they are the right fit for us as much as us for them. We work HARD for our clients and we only want to do that for people and brands we care about with stories we want to tell the world about. In turn, they care back and have been so understanding during the month, reaching out, sending cards, flowers and condolences. It has truly shown that we have found the right path in this crazy industry.

4. Learning Something New. On the day that everyone felt down and out here at Mugsy we had two choices. Push everyone and make them work or close for the day. So we let clients know and shut down early, but instead of a mid day nap, everyone decided to order lunch and we watched YouTube videos on new programs we’ve been wanting to learn. We made it fun, everyone got to pick some new things to check out and we learned something that will be useful to the success of our clients in the future. Just doing SOMETHING made us feel better about our inner desire to do NOTHING. Also, every time we learned something, we wanted to try it- so we ended up working more, but ENJOYING it!

5. The Internet. Finally, laughter is the best medicine and nothing gets the Mugsy office motivated more than memes and funny videos and since we are ALWAYS on social media for clients, we see a lot of them. Our go-to videos to perk up the mood in the office range from bad lip reading to singing goats to Tik Tok faves, but for some reason this emu with arms really had me giggling (and I truly HATE ostriches and emus so the fact that it made ME laugh says a lot!). Enjoy!

Art, Evolution and Coffee

Art, Evolution and Coffee

A week in the Mind of Mugsy.

Here’s a truly random top 5 list for your day!

Some interesting articles are floating around this time of year and these are the ones causing the most chatter in the office this week, You really get a sneak peek into our brains with this one lol.  We are a strangely beautiful office that talks about art, evolution, and female empowerment coffee. Let’s share!

We love when art crosses platforms. This is a beautiful blend of various tools and utensils to create something unique. The creativity it takes to see objects in this light (haha) is an incredible feat in itself, and then to execute it is simply astounding. It has sparked some creativity around the office.

As it all seems…

As it seems, there were a few different species of humans alive at the same time (which proves a theory of evolution that floated around the office, but that’s for another time…). Technology has allowed us to recreate one of our ancient ancestors and now we know what we used to look like. This is an incredible discovery, and it’s all based on a pinky and partial jaw bone. Well, DNA from a pinky bone. So Jurassic Park hehe. What do you think humans are going to look like in 10,000 years?

Read more…

Giving birds a bad name…

Alfred Hitchcock gave birds a bad name for years. The idea of this many birds in one spot was truly downright terrifying. But after seeing this, maybe I can start to believe that birds can be truly majestic and relaxing creatures. This kind of synchronized movement seems impossible, but they move so naturally. The consistent but ever changing pattern is surprisingly calming, even on the most stressful days. Then again, maybe the reason they seem so calming now is because they are so far away…

Our last two…

Our last two articles are coffee based because here in Mugsy, coffee is life. We were VERY excited this week to learn that Starbucks new blend is inspired by female empowerment and honors trailblazing women in the coffee industry! We will absolutely be checking out their Siren’s Blend in honor of this amazing women who brewed their way to our hearts.

Read more…

And finally…

This article was almost banned in the office. If we didn’t read it, we couldn’t admit any truth and possibly change our coffee intake. But alas, here we are and we are happy with the results. There were some interesting findings, ranging from how you take your coffee to other benefits from drinking this beautiful beverage we all love so much. Would you change your caffeine intake if you found out it was bad for you? Read the article and sound off in the comments!

Read more…

Pitching in a Storm

Pitching in a Storm

Pitching media in a hurricane is always a strange experience. Half our team is hunkering down while the rest of us are counting our lucky stars that Hurricane Dorian turned when it did, and ALL of us are looking for ways we can donate and support the Bahamas. At the same time, we have clients who are out of state and out of the country who are still doing news worthy things we need to let media know about, and so this week we’ve found ourselves pitching in a storm.

The truth is – pitching during a hurricane is almost easier than usual. Less people working = less email competition. Plus you have a ready to go starter line to create some rapport with the reporter such as “Are you ready for this storm?” or for those outside the area – “We are getting ready for the hurricane, so we’re hoping to catch you before we possibly lose power here!”.

With some savvy social media research you can build some great relationships during a hurricane as well. News media reporters will be online more to check-in and their response time may be quicker. Just remember to keep your conversations relevant and DON’T PITCH them on social – just relationship build. The pitching will come.

Overall, publicists are like the U.S. mail service – not rain nor snow nor gloom of night (nor hurricane!) shall stop us from giving the best service possible for our clients. PR’s Honor.

Hide and Seek, Scams Dirt Cheap and Other Things We’re Discussing Today

Hide and Seek, Scams Dirt Cheap and Other Things We’re Discussing Today

Man it has been a rough one. Two mass shootings in 24 hours definitely shook our office, as I am sure it has done to many of you, and it is about all we are talking about today. Since I don’t think we can add anything new on that conversation other than our deep desire for a BIG CHANGE, we are sticking to some smile inducing, really unique and inspiring stories we’ve been reading about. Let us know what you’ve found that makes you say “WOW” too. We love to receive shared links that we can share to our followers too! Have a wonderful rest of your week! 

Have you ever wanted to see if you fit in an airplane overhead bin? I can honestly say I have wondered, and now a flight attendant from Southwest Airlines proved it IS possible – and it definitely made people smile (and a few say WTF?!). 

Talk about a dirt cheap scam. A man made over $300K returning DIRT to Amazon. This made the inner Neil Caffrey in us smile because of how long this con went on. It makes us wonder why Amazon doesn’t have people processing returns more quickly, and also – what does this guys yard look like? All things to think about at 3am…

We all have dreams of going into space, but how about colonizing Mars? According to Georgr Dvorsky, not in our lifetimes. There’s no water, no atmosphere; we would have to change the land (known as terraforming.) Even the gravity is different, however the idea of instantly weighing less sounded appealing to us! Maybe one day we can trade Slim Fast for spaceships. 😉 

Since we can’t colonize Mars, it is a good thing corporations are doing more to help us save Earth. Cutting ties with the plastics lobby is the first step in the right direction. It is a hard battle with a lot left to fight, but its a solid foundation to start with! 

Tattoos can be sentimental, funny or even helpful (like a ruler on your finger or a to-do list on your forearm, but after 5000 years of tattooing humans, they’ve now reached a whole new level of usefulness. Tattoos that can tell you when your blood sugar is low and update you on other medical issues would be an amazing advancement. We plan to keep our eyes on this one!