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From the Arts to the Gram – Top 5 of the Week

From the Arts to the Gram – Top 5 of the Week

We’re buzzing today with an eclectic group of articles that have caught our eye this week, ranging the arts to nuclear breakdowns. What would you paint? Are you in the best location for your skills? How do you feel about Chernobyl? All questions that you will ask yourself today!

Talk about a beautiful way to change the drab views of concrete and asphalt. At Mugsy, we don’t mind a little grey in our day, but we also love color. To have hidden artwork like this not only changes the view, but our perspectives too! Where would you hide some water activated paint?

We work a LOT so we may not always be at the theaters, but you better believe we have movies on all. the. time. We rep a lot of them! But I don’t believe we have seen all of the movies on this poster though this week we met someone who has! #FilmGoals. Now I know what I’m getting for the office this holiday season!

Not from Mugsy, but apparently doing voices will get you fired from a drive-thru. It just goes to show you that maybe you are not in the place most suitable for your talents. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will inevitably fail. Though, I do want to know who complained about the voices…probably someone afraid of clowns…Bottom line – find where your talents fit best!

Image recognition has a lot of amazing uses. And a lot of creepy ones. We still haven’t quite agreed in the office if this is a technology we like or are petrified of, but Entrepreneur Magazine has a great article on how image recognition can help your social media ads. Brilliant.

Finally, speaking about social media, it definitely makes things popular. Even things you may never assume. Like Chernobyl. The popularity of the new Chernobyl show on HBO has led to the creation of tours and trips to bring you through the safe zones. Curiosity wise we get it, but we still can’t understand the slew of people trying to turn this area into an Instagram hot spot. Must we do it ALL for the ‘gram, people?!

Top Five of the Week is Back!

Top Five of the Week is Back!

We have missed bringing you our favorite news stories and all the things that have us talking – and it seems you’ve missed it too. So we’re bringing it back. Here’s our Top Five of the Week!

  1. We never need a reason to celebrate Pride, but we do enjoy the camaraderie in celebration. The bright colors and the love being spread around is glorious to see. And one of our clients embraced this feeling whole-heartedly. Check out Pharaoun Cocktail Ring’s debut for Pride Month entitled ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’.
  2. One of our favorite stories this week is about a man who took a lucky guess and cracked the code on a decades old safe. This guy needs to try his hand at the Powerball this week!
  3. Concrete Beach Brewery just released their summer beers! They are the best brewery in Miami to beat the summer heat – ok, maybe we are a bit biased – but for real – their beer is the best! Come try their Pool Party Pilsner, Honey Rye Lager, Tropic of Passion, Award Winning Havana Lager, or ANY of their brews, and then tell me I’m wrong. Bet you can’t!
  4. Alright this one is a little “ew” worthy, but cool nonetheless and it had us buzzing. There are very few cases where the response is “it’s just a tapeworm.” and you’d be happy, but when you think you have an aggressive, malignant cancer, this may be the best news you could get! Yes – a tapeworm in a nodule shaped like a quail egg inside a woman’s body that she (and doctors) thought was cancer. Read about it here. Wow!
  5. Finally, This has made our day here. Our dogs try to walk themselves, but this is cuteness to a whole other level! Look at the speed they are running too! We want to know why? Why is the alpaca being walked by the dog? Why does an alpaca need to be walked? Either way, we want to see more!

Have a great week and send us YOUR favorite news – we’d love to see what has you chatting in your office too!

Where in the World…

Where in the World…

We are IN season at Mugsy with team members all over the world this month. We just got back from Arkansas on Sunday and now today we have people in Florida, California, New York, Illinois, and Cannes.

While technology makes it easy to stay in touch with one another, when you’re up all hours and pitching to three different time zones, how do you stay organized with the full team, especially when you wake up in a hotel room in the middle of the night asking “where am I today?”.

Here at Mugsy we rely on Trello, Slack and Google Drive to keep on top of all work items and connect with one another while we are all on the road, and we ALL have an app on our phone that has all the international clocks so that we don’t accidentally call one another in the middle of the night.

We tend to stick to WhatsApp and email for conversations, Zoom for video chat and often messaging through Slack as well, but in the end you only know what you know, and we don’t know everything – so know it is YOUR turn.

What is new out there? What are we missing? What do YOU use to keep your team organized? We want to know! Leave a comment and let’s chat!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Mugsy is on the move again, this time heading to Bentonville Arkansas for the Bentonville Film Festival, representing the amazing film Once Upon a River. We are proud to roll in with such an incredible film, director, cast and crew and are really looking forward to this adventure.

However, while we have been to film festivals before, we’ve never been to Bentonville, and there’s a little anxiety attached to that since it is something new. Of course once we get the lay of the land, all will be fine, but in the meantime, here are some of the things we are doing to help get situated before our team hits the ground there, and some great tips on what you can do pre-event too!

  1. Download the event app. It seems simple enough but a lot of people skip this step when working an event instead of just attending. The app has a wealth of knowledge, including the event map.
  2. Review the event map. Knowing where you need to go before you even get there is a huge asset! Figure out the time between your hotel, event venue(s), off-site locations etc. It can save a lot of time when you are in the midst of festival madness.
  3. Publicists- find the press room! It is the most important spot at the festival for you. Make sure you know ahead of time what time the press area opens, what materials you are allowed to drop off, what signage you can display, and so forth.
  4. Ensure you have lists of all relevant contacts including those for transportation, venue contacts, all client contacts and more. It will save a lot of time searching emails for this information when you actually need it.
  5. Hop on social media! Ask questions about the event, search the hashtag and find info from previous years and just get comfortable with what you will be walking into. I have gotten some incredible information on what to see and do in Bentonville from Twitter!

Finally – don’t forget to charge your external batteries before you go! Nothing is worse than being disconnected once you hit the event floor.

Hope to see some of you in Bentonville or some of the other amazing events we will be at this month! We’ll be prepared – will you? 😉

Client News for May 2019

Client News for May 2019

April seems to have breezed by and here we are facing May 1 already, and season is about to begin.

Whereas many businesses in South Florida slow down as summer approaches, some of the various industries we at Mugsy work within – marine, entertainment / film, and luxury lifestyle/ travel are just picking up.

There are some big things happening in May for Mugsy clients. Take a look at the wonderful madness of the month!

  • From May 7-11 our team will be at the Bentonville Film Festival with the amazing film Once Upon a River, having its Directorial Debut at the festival. SO excited to visit B.F.F. for the first time!
  • Concrete Beach Brewery is celebrating their Anniversary Week AND American Craft Beer Week in May – which you know means BIG parties and an even bigger beer release! Click HERE for ALL the info on the Anniversary Week Fun!
  • B.C. Tacos will have their new MF Taco (monthly featured) debuting tomorrow, along with a Coral Springs themed contest we are excited to launch.
  • Body Details is opening multiple new locations in the South Florida area and has an announcement we can’t talk about yet, but it is a big one!
  • Author Chris Clews has book number two coming and Author Alan Taffel has just about completed book three so there will be some summer releases coming down the line too!
  • Field of Flowers has approved some incredible summer integrations and experiential activities that we are in the midst of putting together. Come into the shop in May and check out the FlowerBar every Wednesday and Saturday morning – A NEW KIND OF HAPPY HOUR.
  • Patrick Knowles just launched a brand new website and has two new projects we are thrilled to represent this summer. Stay tuned for some fun video pieces coming in May for this luxury design firm.

Of course, these are just our clients with news for May as of today. With the speed in which PR, social media and experiential marketing changes, by mid-May, there will be more to report from these clients and more!

Stay tuned!